Friday, March 14, 2008

First Bath

Well, this isn't technically her first bath. We have given her a few sponge baths since she came home, but we were told that we couldn't give her a tub bath until the umbilical cord fell off. Well, that big day arrived, hence the arrival of the pink bathtub courtesy of Mommy Suttle and Nana. She was a trooper considering she was stripped naked, exposed to frigid air, scrubbed within an inch of her life, and then rubbed down with lotion. I would be pretty ticked as well. Wouldn't you?

What did I ever do to you guys? Is this revenge for the all nighter last night?

Thank goodness! You do still love me.


Brittny said...

How sweet!!! How long are we going to keep saying, "I can't wait to meet her!" Soon enough, soon enough. My kids HATED bath time until they actually got in the tub and I had really warm water practically up to their necks! Ever since then, they've loved it! Well, Sophie isn't completely convinced yet since her big brother likes to pour water over her head all the time. But she LOVED her bath all to herself the other night.

Adam said...

wuddup, lauren!! thanks for the comment on my blog--good to hear from you! btw, no way were we gonna drive to new orleans from baltimore with a 4 month old. flying is much, much more simpler.

had no idea that you kept a blog. i'm adding it to my rss feeds so i can keep up w/ you.