Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Star is Born

Bennett made her theatrical debut Sunday night in a skit at our church. To be honest- I was a nervous wreck beforehand. Would she cry? Would the bright lights hurt her eyes? What if she got onstage and had a melt down? What if I couldn't remember any lines because I was so worried about her? Fortunately, none of that happened and she was a pro. She just sat there like an angel and charmed the audience with her spit bubbles. However, I think I am keeping her off the stage for awhile, due solely to keeping me sane.

It did really make me think about how much our life has changed. Rob and I are both very spontaneous and care free. We are not scheduled people at all. We eat whenever we feel like it, which may be 11:00 at night. We will decide to go see a movie 10 minutes before it starts. We like to spend Saturday afternoons rambling around with no agenda. We may end up downtown or in Tallasee. Who knows? But with Bennett, I have become a slave to the clock. The main reason the skit stressed me out so much was that I didn't want to get her off track. I know precisely when she eats, when she's awake, and when she sleeps. Now, how does getting a baby in a car seat, driving her to the church, waiting backstage, doing the skit, and then getting her home again, fit into her schedule? It doesn't. So either I am going to need to relax on that a little bit, or have the happiest, most well adjusted home bound hermit for the next year.


Amanda said...

On a whim, Michael and I (when we were engaged) drove to West Palm Beach, FL... an 18 hour drive through the night!
Nowadays? I will go through Heaven and Hell to ensure that Conner has his nap each day at about the same time, that Chase's appointments are NEVER scheduled before 9 and I will be darned if dinner isn't prepared by 5:30 so that Conner doesn't start getting "snacky" and attacking the bad stuff.
So, my vote is for the hermit life. As my old pediatrician says "A routine child is a happy child". And boy, from my experience, he's right!

The Khans said...

I totally agree with having a schedule. It definitely works for us. Some people don't like one, but I like to know when I can get out without the boys having meltdowns because they are tired or hungry. Of course, you do allow for some flexibility when needed. You will figure out what is best for you and Rob I'm sure of that. It was great to see you for a second this morning. Hope to spend more time with you next time.

Carmen Andres said...

i like the well adjusted homebound hermit life myself, heh. and i don't have an infant as an excuse anymore. but my kids still thrive on routine. come to think of it, i think our family does well on it, too. though the occassional trip to the d.c. zoo or the washington mall do occur. i LOVE living up here!

Unknown said...

Aunt Lala,
No matter what kind of schedule you have, ther is n way that your child will be able to be kept off the stage. It is in har genes.
Cousin Madi