Wednesday, October 4, 2017

So much talent I can't stand it!

Our elementary school does a talent show every Spring which I love and hate at the same time. Since both of my kids want to do every single thing offered to them at all times, signing up for the talent show is a given. But what will they do? Can they do it? How do I prepare them? It is stressful every year for sure.

Bennett has many options to choose from. She could sing, play the piano, do a ballet routine.... easy. But what do we do with Will? He can sing but he doesn't want to. His talents, which are many, aren't necessarily conducive to a talent show. Should we bring a giant chalkboard on stage and let him solve complex math equations? Bring a large soccer goal net on stage and let him dive in front of incoming goal attempts? We never know.

Fortunately we had the idea for him to do a magic show, and let me tell you, he was a hit! He was absolutely hysterical. The "school famous" Will Webster had the audience in stitches and then gasping at his spin cycle trick. I was bursting with pride! Way to go, Will!

Bennett chose to sing, but she was nervous about singing by herself. So we asked if her Dad could accompany her on the guitar and we were all relieved when the school said that he could. I cried happy tears watching her. Not only did she sound beautiful but she was so brave. So so brave. I never had the kind of courage it took to stand in front of the whole elementary school and sing a solo, but she did AND she nailed it. She sounded beautiful and I couldn't have been more proud.

And I have to throw in Bennett's piano recital into this post. I really don't have any more superlatives or adjectives so let's just say again that I was so very proud of her. I sure did luck out in the kid department.

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