Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Last Day of School Par-Tay

Man, we kind of blew it last year. We had an amazing end of the year party for the kids on the last day of school. They had no idea that anything would be going on. We picked them up on the last day as usual and walked home. When they rounded the corner and got on Copper Ridge Drive, some parents had stayed behind and pelted them with water balloons and we had a fun "Hooray, it's summer" party set up with water balloons, squirt guns, bounce houses, pizza and more. It was epic!

So, we planned to do the same thing again this year but it rained all day. We thought about calling it off but at the last minute with just moved it into the Mullis' garage. It may not have lived up to the year before, but it was still a ton of fun and a tradition we don't mind keeping up with at all.

Last day of School! You made it, kiddos!

Running out as fast as they can with signs announcing that they were now in 3rd and 4th grade! Bennett might want to turn hers around if she wants to succeed in 4th grade.

That's better. Man, I love these kids. So so much. 

Saying good-bye for the summer to the best crossing guard in the world. Mrs. Linda is our favorite.

Rounding the corner to our street. Bennett is still walking with her sign in the air. Bless.

This was awaiting them as they inched closer to our house.

It's on!! Happy summer, kids!!!

Best neighborhood ever. Seriously.

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