Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Happy May Days

I am about to post a million pictures that captures our life in the month of May. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but not by much. Maybe just 809,365 pictures. Because May is insane. Has it always been like this? I remember growing up that we had field day in May and we looked forward to it all month. I think I might have had a dance recital. Other than that...... ummmm..... ?? I don't know. But nowadays if you have kids in school and involved in any activities, you had better buckle up because it's about to go down in May. Kiss your spouse goodbye for the month and get through it. Here is a small glimpse of our life May 2017. 

Will getting ready for a Scout pack awards night.

Will was promoted from Tiger to Bear. Way to go, Will!

Will and his good friend Jake are now Bears!

My Building Better Moms group had an evening out to celebrate our year. I am so thankful for these girls.

The kids had a vocabulary parade at their school. Why they did this in May, I have no idea. But they had to choose a word and then dress up at that word. Bennett chose Monsoon.

And Will chose Tide. Obviously we did not go for the literal version of the word Tide. I couldn't. I was too tired. But he does have waves on the back of his laundry basket.

I don't think this was May, but I found this picture of Will and Kinley walking to school and I had to include it. In fact, the next few pictures are of my kids with their BFF, Kinley. I pray they always stay close.

The CRK!

This was a night at Elliott Elementary where the kids got to show us all they had been working on throughout the year. Will was so proud to show us his writing journal.

Bennett's All About Me poster

Because we are ridiculous, we headed to Six Flags on our one day off. Gotta unwind somehow.

Will wasn't sure about trying out the big roller coasters. he loved them, of course.

Heading into ballet class. Hot. Mess.

The weather is warmer so we loved going to our neighborhood park for a picnic dinner in the evenings.

Fishing on a beautiful summer evening.

Taken 10 seconds before Meg freaked out and ran back to the car.

Spending an evening in Downtown Dalls.

Will's good friend Lauren finally came over to hang out for an evening.

Hurricane Harbor!!!

Bennett baking in the kitchen. Her favorite thing to do.

Lainey's last day of 3P with Ms. Barkley and Ms. Alexander!

Will and our principal, Mrs. Mills, at our end of the year school bash.

Throwback Thursday dance. A 50's girl and George McFly?

Checking out the live screen version of Beuaty and the Beast at an eat-in movie theatre.

Someone got glasses! And she looks beautiful!

Rob leading pre-school chapel..... and being Rob.

I seriously have no idea where this was taken or who took it. But I love the picture.

Our small group at the church sneaking into the new building to check it out!

Field Day!!

The GT girls. Such good friends. Bennett, Ella, Georgia and Madison

Will and the girls. As always.

Me and Lainey bug spending a quiet Friday at home together. I am cherishing these days with her so very much.

Family Mario Kart night. Crashing at home on some random night in May. Even though we love being busy and doing fun things, the best nights are when we are all home and settled down together. 

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