Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Broadway Camps 2017

I had the awesome privilege of running two Broadway camps this summer. We had one fill up within 24 hours of opening registration so we went ahead and opened up a 2nd week. My favorite thing about these camps is that my kids get to do them with me. I love them seeing my passion for kids and theatre come alive and I love directing them on stage because they are both pretty dang talented.

Here are a few shots from the two separate camps combined.

Camp #1. Is there anything better than seeing kids in costumes using their imaginations? I don't think so. I have done "A Thoroughly Modern Rapunzel" for years in camp. Ever since Bennett was 4, I think. Emmie played the role of Mesmerelda once when we were in Dothan and this year Bennett finally got to play the role of the pizza lovin' witch. She was hysterical.

Will was one of the step brothers in "Bubba the Cowboy Prince" and he stole the show. He has fantastic comedic timing.

Camp #2. It was full, it was loud, it was crazy and it was awesome! I enjoyed every single second of it and I loved doing it side my side with my kids. We did "Dragon and the Cookie" again and Will and Bennett reprised their roles as the Dragon and Caroline. This was a bedtime story I made up for them when they were very little and I turned it into a play for them. It was a ton of sentimental value for our family.

Rehearsal photo

Game Day photo

We had a bunch of neighborhood kids join this camp. Carpooling this week was a blast.

I worked with so so many kids over the summer and I adored them all, but these three will always be my favorites.

Maybe one day these will be in playbills. Who knows?

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