Saturday, January 15, 2011

Surprise Visit

I will just go ahead and say it. Auburn won the National Championship game. Sigh..... this was the sporting news I was referring to in my post below.

The Bad News: Everything about it.
The Good News: Our best friend went to the game in Arizona and had a layover in Kansas City on his way home. Then his flight home was canceled due to snow and he and his Dad got to spend the night with us.

I'm not sure if getting to see Corey for a night was worth Auburn winning a National title, but it did make it a little more bearable.

You see, we are fans of Corey in this house. We have been friends for a long time now and he is one of the friends we had the hardest time leaving in Montgomery. We love him because he is

a. an awesome friend
b. a kid at heart just like us
c. he has agreed to take Meg if anything ever happens to me or Rob

We dislike him because

a. He is an Auburn fan
b. has not agreed to take Kirby

The three have us have been known to drive spontaneously to Atlanta to see a concert at the last minute, roll houses in the middle of the night, register for wedding presents together, film Dolly Parton look a-likes riding Go-Karts in Tennessee, take out little kids in kickball games, write dozens of scripts for a kids TV show, go to every movie imaginable, appear in Rooms-to-Go commercials, stand in line at midnight to buy the newest Harry Potter, perform in too many skits to count at church, obsess over our Oscar ballots to make sure we knew more than the others, e-mail our thoughts on every episode of LOST, laugh until we cried while playing tetris at midnight, and so much more.

He came out to Kansas to visit us when Will was born and Rob has flown to DC to see Corey argue before the Supreme Court. He drove hours to be there when Bennett was born even though he was working on a case in North Alabama. We have been to his baseball games and even sat through Montgomery Maulers games just to hear him doing the announcements. And he was the first one at our wedding reception site helping to decorate and he was the last one to leave after helping to clean up.

Needless to say, we are pretty fond of CMAZE.

So having him here really did take the sting out of the game. Just a little.

He and his Dad entered my house all decked out in their Auburn gear. I tried to counter a little by wearing my Alabama shirt and hat, but it was just too depressing.

Once I got over having that terrible #2 jersey in my house, we decided to do what the three of us to best. Act like kids. Here we are in a very competitive game of fishing.

It got pretty intense.

We had built a castle out of building blocks for the kids. Corey decided that it wasn't good enough and that he could do better. Such a nerd.

We had some pretty serious snow here so we took the kids out for some sledding the next day. Here is Corey and his Dad making a pretty sweet run with the little ones.

Bennett was having the time of her life. Even if she was squashing her little brother.

If you're going to pull a sled, commit to it 100%

Obligatory group shot. But this time even Meg jumped in. She and Corey have a history as well. She may like him more than we do. But don't tell him that.

Friends for life.


starnes family said...

You see, Lauren, there is a life lesson here. You can't hold someone's lack of good judgment against them. This is why I remain friends with you, even though you are so faithful to Alabama.

I've got wisdom for days. Try and keep up.

Anon said...

You left out that we gave away your oldest child in the process of rolling houses.