Thursday, January 6, 2011

How can you not see God?

I have heard many people say that they see God in nature. I too have marveled at mountains and canyons and wondered how anyone could doubt that these were created. I have rarely seen a sunset or stared out at the ocean without praising God for being the ultimate artist.

However, I have also wondered how anyone could miss God when looking at an urban landscape? As we were driving home this past week, we passed many cities along the way. I think it was while I was staring at the St. Louis skyline that I became emotionally overwhelmed by God's creation.

I know many people get that feeling while looking at the Grand Canyon rather than a smoggy skyline, but how can one deny God's existence when looking at a city scene?

Man was put on this earth with nothing. Nothing. Just the land, rivers, oceans, and vegetation. Now think about Times Square. Every single thing that you see in Times Square came from what God put in and on our earth.

God gave us everything we needed to create what we have now and he just waited for us to discover how to mine it, extract it, plant it, and use it.

Through the years man has figured out how to make textiles, harness electricity, mine minerals, make rubber, metal, cotton, plastic.... and everything was here from the beginning.

Lights, airplanes, LCD screens, every electronic imaginable... it can all be found in the earth, the water, and the sky. And God put it all here for us to discover.

It is astounding and I cannot look at any city without praising God for His creation.

That is artistry. And it is amazing.

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starnes family said...

Well said. The Grand Canyon brought me to tears. Does every time.

But, he is all over. Absolutely!