Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mama, I'm a big girl now

Pardon the Hairspray reference in the title of this blog post. Sometimes I like to let my musical theatre freak flag fly. Actually, I take back the pardon. If you got the reference, then we shall remain friends. If you didn't know what I was referring to, then you should stop reading now. We are not friends. Just kidding. Kind of.

Anyhoo, we finally decided to cut Bennett's hair. Yes, she's almost 3. But she still has this baby hair in front that makes it look like I've given her bangs and I have been waiting for her hair to get to one length before I cut it. However I kind of got tired of her giving Billy Cyrus a run for his mullet money, so we decided that it was time.

Sitting like such a big girl while we decide how much to trim.

Last look at her "baby hair" as we call it. Sniff Sniff....

Will always steals the show wherever we go. He hung out in another car while big sis got her hair cut and this is what he does when we tell him to say, "Cheese." Ladies and gentlemen, I have another ham on my hands.

Here we go! The first snip.

She was so still and patient. I was so so proud of her.

A little pampering and then.....

..... Voila! Bennett's first hair cut.

What a beautiful (and big) girl. Milestones are always a little hard on Mom. But she looks so incredibly cute that I guess I'll stop being such a sentimental sap and admit that it was time.

I just hope Will stays bald for another year.


starnes family said...

So cute! I need to cut Lainey's so badly. It's getting stringy and becoming such a mess. Next is Jack and then Laine!

Bennett looks darling!!!!!!

Carmen & Eddie said...

LOL! I am looking at the picture and asking myself "ws it a cut or a trim? does not look shorter at all!" But then again it could be my early morning eyes. Either way she is a beauty!!!!