Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dazed and Confused

This was my conversation with Bennett this morning.

Me: Bennett. Let's get dressed. You're going to church this morning.
B: Yay!! Amelia gonna be there.
Me: No. You aren't going to school today. You're going to church.
B: Maybe I see a puppet show?
Me: No, honey. You aren't going to Sunday School or school. Today is Wednesday and Mommy is going to her Mom's group. You will be in the nursery today.
B: I tell Ms. Judy that I eat a waffle for breakfast.
Me: No, honey. Ms. Judy isn't there today. Levi will be there today.
B: Levi not go to my school.
Me: Honey, you're going to the nursery. Not school and not Sunday School.
B: (sighs) Just get in the car, Mommy. I not know anything.


starnes family said...

This is just pure awesome. I'm as confused as Bennett!

Shannon said...

Love her funny comments! She's adorable!

Andy, Melissa, Luke and Sam said...

Love your posts!

Carmen & Eddie said...

ROFL!!!! That girl is a trip and a half!!!

Kara said...

She is hilarious!!!:)

Anna said...

love it! she's so funny! love her honesty too! i frequently feel the same way around here!