Monday, June 14, 2010

How do they know these things?

Bennett has always been kind of scary in the way she recognizes logos. She has known (sadly) the Starbucks logo since she was 22 months old. I was at the grocery store with her when she was that age and a woman wearing a 5K shirt was in front of us. The back of it was filled with corporate sponsors and in the left corner was the tiny Starbucks logo. Bennett gasped and said, "There's the coffee store!!"

She knows so many. She sees a cow and screams, "I see Chick-away!" I am not proud of this. It's just the result of a ridiculously observant child and living in a world filled with marketing gurus who know what they are doing.

But today may have been the one funniest yet. Rob was home for lunch and was showing me his latest video. Bennett was watching with us. At the very end The Methodist logo of the flame and cross came on the screen for only a few seconds. Bennett laughed at the computer and said, "Oh, Daddy! There's our church."

I don't think I recognized the flame and cross as the Methodist symbol until I was 20. Right after she said that Rob put on his shoes and they were a pair he rarely wears and she said, "I like your new shoes, Daddy."

Is it sad when your 2 year old notices way more than you do?


Brittny said...

sooooooooo awesome!!!!!

Erin said...

I don't know! Just yesterday EB saw a McDonald's billboard with a McFlurry on it. From the backseat I heard, "DocDa Peeez"!!! We don't even go to McDonald's! Smart kids I tell ya :)