Sunday, June 6, 2010

A few not so good ones

We're home!! Finally. And I'm still too tired to write about the rest of our trip. Maybe I will when I can prop my eyes open up long enough to actually write. I have some more pictures to post when I have a chance to sort them, but until then here are three photos taken in dark restaurants from a cell phone. They didn't quite turn out, but since they include some of our absolute favorite people in Montgomery, I thought I should post them.

Rob with two of our best friends, Anthony and Corey.

Having lunch with John, Tommy, and Jody

Me and Wendy

Terrible shots, I know. But I couldn't include a trip back home without including these friends.


Brittny said...

glad you are home!!! i'm so thankful that we got to be one of your "friendly visits" while you were in town! love you guys!!!!!!!

starnes family said...

Glad yall are home. We need to get together! Let me know when you're available.