Friday, June 4, 2010

More fun in the sun

I am too tired to write about our trip home at this second. It has been a non stop whirlwind, but a wonderful one. Until I can collect my thoughts and have time to process, I will post a few more pictures of our trip back home. The adventures continue....

One of our very best friends, Corey, plays in a softball league and so we headed out to the ball park one night to cheer him on. I think this is the shot where he noticed the camera.

We were so surprised at the ball park to run into one of Bennett's friends, Ella. Ella and Bennett were so happy to see one another.

And I was thrilled to see Ella's Mom and Grandmom. I have known both Suzanne and her Mom, Diane, for years. In fact, Diane and I were on staff together at Frazer church and I miss both of them terribly. I was so glad they were at the game.

My Dad did some bonding with Will at his first ball game.

The next day I took the kids to a splash park with some friends. Bennett got to see her cousin, Elijah Brooks, for the first time since Christmas. You can certainly tell that these two are related.

A splashing good time.

Bennett got to see Ella again for the second time in two days. Life is good.

My cousin, Erin, with two of my dear friends, Courtnie and Suzanne. I love all of these girls so much. I think I will try to bribe them to move to Kansas.

We tried to get a group shot of the kids.

It didn't work.

Catching up with Grace and Rachel. They were so incredibly sweet to me when Bennett was born and I love seeing them with her two years later.

Having lunch with the one and only, Lenore Vickrey. Friends just done come any better than this one.

Another fabulous friend of mine, Brittny, was passing through Montgomery from her parents lake house to her home in Florida. I was thrilled that she stopped by with her two little ones. We had a great time swimming and catching up over a poolside lunch.

Bennett LOVES being in the pool with her Daddy.

Will has not been sleeping well in Alabama and has decided to get up at 5:00am every day. Rob has been sweet enough to ride around and watch the sunrise with Will every day so the rest of us can sleep a little bit later. This is Will at 6:15am in downtown Montgomery wondering where the party is at.

And this only captures 2 days of our trip home. Who needs sleep when you're having this much fun?


The Scott family said...

So fun! I'm sad we didn't get to have poolside lunch with yall. We were at the beach while Brittny and you were in Montgomery. Oh well! We're still trying to catch up from our trip. Wish my girls were napping so I could!

Erin said...

I miss you so much already - Christmas is much too far away. We have had a wonderful week with you and your sweet family - great family time! And that last picture of Will is adorable! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

starnes family said...

Ella and Bennett take the cutest pictures together!!!!!

Glad you guys had so much fun.

Anna said...

what fun! we love the splashpad now too. love all your pictures! i think the one of Will at the end is one of my favorites! so glad yall had a good trip!