Monday, June 28, 2010

Who knew that you could have so much fun on a driveway?

Our dear friends, the Pullins, invited us over this past weekend for a fun evening out. We spent several hours at their house and never left their driveway. How can you have so much fun on a driveway you ask? Well, I shall tell you.

We got to their house and the kids immediate joined their best friend Levi at his water table.

Popper tried to eat Will's food. I think the dog scored a whole lotta cheese puffs that night.

My girl. Already playing hard to get. Love her.


So, are we rednecks for cooking hot dogs on the driveway in the front yard? If so, I say bring it. You know you're jealous.

Does my daughter look like a teenager here? Talking to a boy on a porch step with her leg all drawn up? Momma ain't happy about this one.

Going in for the kiss. They can keep this up until they're three. Then the party's over.

Popper turned into a devil dog. That was for eating my son's cheese puffs.

Swim goggles are the new duct tape. So many functions. Keeping water out of your eyes, keeping smoke out of your eyes, keeping you on the front of GQ.....

Bennett was mad because she didn't have swim goggles.

So was Will.

Bennett took her first ride on a tricycle. She did great!! Still hanging out on the driveway. Are you seeing all of the possibilities here?

Levi burned his finger which was not good. All of the adults were so concerned. But look who is the background getting more food. Someone was clearly more concerned with finding left over cheese puffs. Poor Levi.

Bennett's first introduction to smores.

Good to the very last drop.

You know they party's over when the naked baby melts down on the slip-n-slide.


Good times on the driveway. I highly recommend it.


starnes family said...

Driveway entertaining? I like it a lot.

Love the shot of you getting food while Levi was hurt. Awesome.

You're getting funnier by the day!

Brittny said...

that makes me sad. when we lived in huntsville that was where we hung out every single day. we had so many parties in our driveway!!! our house was the only one that was in the middle of our friends and wasn't sloped. it was awesome. glad that you had some driveway fun of your own!

Andrea said...

We love our driveway. (And our neighbor's driveway.)*
We've lived here almost 7 years now, and I think we've spent nearly a full year of that in a driveway. Bring out a bucket of chalk and some bubbles, and maybe a bike or two, and that can fill up a full summer!

*our neighbor's driveway gets late afternoon shade, ours gets full sun all afternoon, so we often gravitate over there to hang out with them. Plus, their kids have the Cool Toys so my kids prefer it over there.

Anonymous said...

Funniest. Blogpost. Ever.