Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So many firsts

Where to begin?? These past few weeks have been full of firsts.

1. Bennett started taking swim lessons. Okay, so they are really just riding noodles through a lazy river while kicking, but it's something. Of course my lovely but very independent and headstrong daughter has...umm..... her own ideas on how to do things. She isn't always on the same page with the other little swimmers, but she LOVES Mrs. Holly and she runs in from class and says, "Mama!! I obeyed Mrs. How-ee at swim class." Great. Maybe Mrs. How-ee can't get you to stop hitting your brother.

2. She also started gymnastics. Let me back up by saying she has never taken a class before. I really didn't think it was necessary to put her in anything before she was 2 years old, and even now it's just fun. We are mainly doing this because Will still take two naps a day and Bennett is usually climbing up the walls to get out while he is napping. So our local rec center offered a little gymnastics class for 2 year olds on Saturday mornings. This way Rob can stay will sleeping Will and I can get Bennett out and let her have some fun.

Moving on. She loves it!! She loves the balance beam and the huge trampolines. It is heaven for her and she tells me, "Bennett go to dance class right now, Mama!" I get to take the class with her and we are having such a blast sharing this experience together.

3. Bennett has never watched a full length movie before. We are thinking about taking her to see "Toy Story 3" so we wanted to test her out. So we made a huge deal about it last weekend. We put Will to bed and popped popcorn and let her watch, "Finding Nemo." She lasted an hour, so I was really proud of her. And Rob and I loved eating popcorn with our little one snuggled between us. Every stage of life just keeps getting better and better.

4. A certain little girl had her first pee pee in the potty today. I wasn't going to start the potty training just yet. I really wanted to wait until after our trip to Virginia. I didn't want to deal with it during airplane rides or on a boat in the middle of the river. But she is SO ready. She's been ready for awhile, and she is practically begging me to take her to a potty. I know, I know.... bad Mommy. Anyway, she went tonight and was over the moon excited. And I'm gearing up for a not so fun ride on the airplane. But anyway, Go Bennett!! I am so proud of her.

5. And finally- talking about big firsts- someone is having his first birthday in two weeks. I can't even talk about that yet. I have two more weeks to process this unthinkable reality. And then I will gush about this cuddly, loving, tender, smiley, and handsome little guy who is finishing up a whole year jam packed with firsts.


Edward said...

Little Will has survived almost one year of "Chick-away" and "the coffee store" so be encouraged. Great writings, and beautiful picture of Will. Take care of yourself. Love to Rob, etc etc - we miss you, and wish we had had more time with you while you were in Alabama. Its hotter now than it was the week you were here. Love , Uncle Ed

starnes family said...

Good to hear about the firsts......the movies is a big one! A birthday....potty training.....yall have a lot going on. Keep up the good work, mama!

Free Wilma said...

One tiny bit of good news for my potty-training pals....the boat has a bathroom. It's incredibly small and akward; but it works and can be a real lifesaver!

Brittny said...

have you ever been told just how perfect and beautiful he is? ; ) he's like the poster child for "baby". i think i saw him in the dictionary the other day when i looked it up.

i'm going along with you on this potty training thing. we are going to d.c. for 10 days next month and i'm worried about plane rides (alone with the kids) and being in a town i don't know and trying to find bathrooms. i'm sure we will both have interesting stories when we return! love you girl!!!

Anna said...

oh gracious. you're kidding me. HE CAN NOT BE ONE!!! there is absolutely no way! i know you feel the same way...even more! wow does time fly! he's ADORABLE! love his smile. so awesome that yall are doing gymnastic AND swimming! i wasnt up for her doing swimming by herself next year it is. we tried potty training yesterday. exhaustion. she did great but it gets told taking her every 10-15 minutes really fast! she RAN out from her room last night and said DADDY, I teeteed! we were like...where?!?!? and totally excited she yells. I TEETEED IN MY KITCHEN!!!???!!! oh dear we have a long way to go! totally impressed w/ the movie too! we have yet to attempt that. well, i did and she lasted all of 10 minutes a few months ago! love you!

The Scott family said...

Yay for firsts! Leighton is taking swimming lessons too. I need to rest before diving (ha ha!) into that post! Congrats on the potty! Not looking forward to that stage of my life! ;)

Beth said...

When are you coming to Virginia?? And are you coming to NOVA?

Carmen & Eddie said...

Way to go B!!!!! That is quite a long list of accomplishments!!!! As for Will- where does the time go?! and a VA TRIP in the near future?!?!?!?! When and where and we need to get together!!!!!!

Caroline Armstrong said...

Ooohhh Toy Story 3!!!! How much fun!!!! We are in the same debate right go or not to go... (actually, to go with the kiddos or not to go with the kiddos, just kidding:)
Let me know what you decided! We may take the plunge. Hunter is def. ready we are just not sure about Drake.
And yaaay Bennett on the potty!!! Good luck on the plane!