Thursday, August 10, 2017

Two soccer stars in the family plus one awesome coach!

This spring for the first time in 5 years, we had two kids playing soccer! Will and Bennett both played when they were 3 and 4 respectively but then Bennett decided it was hot and sweaty and not for her. Will stayed with it and is now in his 10th (!!!!!!) season playing soccer. And Lainey decided she wanted to try it out for herself. She may end up siding with her sister rather than her brother on this one, but we had a blast watching her play.

Off to their first game together!

Cutest soccer player ever!

 This show was taken mid game. Lainey would sometimes run to the sidelines and need a little hug before returning to the game. We were happy to oblige.

Go, Ponies!!!

My two soccer players celebrating post game one day with some trampoline jumping in the rain.

Will began his 6th season with the Cougars and he really blossomed this season. So many of the mechanics of soccer were beginning to click and he took his game to a whole new level this spring. We were so proud of him.

And this guy..... Coach Rob..... always patient, always kind, always encouraging. Best coach ever.

Go, Cougars!

I am so glad that they will always be able to remember this experience that they have shared together for so many seasons now. Love them both.

And in case anyone was wondering what Bennett was up to during all of those soccer practices and games, I proudly present this picture. This. This is what she was doing pretty much the whole time. To each his own.

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