Friday, August 11, 2017

Two beautiful ballerinas

Lainey joined her brother in playing soccer this spring, but she also joined her sister and took ballet for the first time. Just like she didn't share her brother's enthusiasm for soccer, she didn't really share her sister's enthusiasm for ballet. Mainly because she didn't like itchy tights.

Bennett has been taking ballet since she was 3 and she absolutely loves it. She is old enough now to where her class is starting to perform outside of the studio a bit and she isn't limited to just recitals. Here are a few shots from the girls' performance at the McKinney Arts in Bloom Festival in downtown McKinney.

Warming up in their cover ups. I love this so much.

And here are a few shots from Bennett's recital this year. They did a tribute to the military and danced to Stars and Stripes Forever.

I really need this to be a canvas.

My beautiful girl. I think she has taken to the performing arts as much as I did.

And here is our little Lainey bug getting ready to head to her Spring recital!

She fell asleep in the car and I had to wake her up to take her in. She was NOT happy. I call this picture, "A portrait of a ticked off ballerina."

She could not have been prouder of that trophy. She slept with it every night for weeks. Man, I love that kid.

She finally has siblings coming to support her after years of sitting through all of their things.

I look tired.... because I am always tired. But I couldn't have been prouder of my ballerina.

beautiful sisters.

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