Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Last day of school!!

We live in an awesome neighborhood in Texas where our school is in the middle of our subdivision. Our kids walk to and from school every single day which is such a rare thing to do today. I never did that growing up so I love that my kids are getting to experience a true neighborhood school. Our street is filled with kids their age and I love all of the Moms so we have really enjoyed all walking together to school in the mornings and afternoons.

On the last day of school we planned to surprise the kids and set up a little street block party. We filled water guns and water balloons and had out snacks and drinks. When they rounded the corner to head home on the very last day of school they were so surprised as we pelted them with water balloons and yelled, "Happy Summer!" What a great way to kick off summer break.

We picked these 4 best friends up and had to take a picture comparing the first and last day of 1st grade. The top picture was taken in August and the bottom picture was taken in June.  What a difference a year makes.

Rob took this picture as we rounded the corner. I LOVE this picture. Bennett just realized what was going on and some of the other kids are just beginning to notice that the street looks a little different. Please notice the 1000 pieces of paper in my hand. My daughter took every single thing off the walls of her classroom.

Party time!

Mom success! I love my neighbors.

School's out for summer.... School's out forever!

Watch out, friends. She has a sponge and she isn't afraid to use it.

Happy Summer, Copper Ridge kids!

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