Thursday, August 18, 2016

June 2016: Cousins, VBS and a whole lot of summer fun.

Another blog post that is really just a picture dump. But that's okay. I have come to accept that is what this blog has become at this point. So here are a ton of pictures from the start of our summer.

We began our very first weekend of the summer by exploring the Dallas Arboretum. Rob and I had been to concerts there before but we had never taken the kids to explore the children's section. It was amazing. I have to say that it is true. Everything is bigger in Texas. And a lot of times it is better too.

Just hanging out in a hurricane simulator. Oh, how I love that little face.

First weekend of summer and we've already worn him out. Poor little puppy dog.

A few shots of riding the shuttle bus to church with our favorites.

We love taking pictures with the Knotts. Even when our mouths are filled with donuts.

Will got the chance to play indoor soccer this summer. Practices were outside, but this was Will's first time playing an indoor sport. He enjoyed it, but making games didn't work out well with our schedule. He did enjoy the times he was able to make it.

 We tried out a Ninja warrior gym in McKinney one day. Will loved it, of course.

The neighborhood gang starting their summer the way they spent their fall, winter and spring. Just hanging out at each others houses.

Had to document her first Starbucks drink ever. Shopping trip with Mom always includes a book store and a Starbucks run.

Two of my nieces came and spent a couple of weeks with us this summer. We were ecstatic to have them. Here are my kids anxiously awaiting their cousins. That plane couldn't land soon enough.

They're here, they're here, they're here!!!!

First stops- dinner at Wild About Harry's and dessert and Carlos' Bakery.

And all is right in the world again.

One of the first things we did with Sutton and Emmie was spend a day at Six Flags. In the summer Texas heat. #seriously At 2:00 in the afternoon I thought you were going to have to carry me out of there on a stretcher, but we persevered and ended up shutting the place down. 

 Kinley and her Mom, Shea, joined us for the day. The kids loved having their best friend with them and I loved having Shea there because she rode the roller coasters with Sutton and I didn't have to. Win/Win 

Waiting for the white water rapid ride. This was only an hour into the day and you can tell how hot we were already. Texas summers do not play around.

We lost one.

But the rest were still going strong!

You can't tell, but it is almost 9:00pm in the picture. We survived! Except for Lainey. She is completely over it.

See ya later, Six Flags! Thanks for the awesome day! As all of the kids kept saying, it was definitely a "core memory" type of day. I couldn't agree more.


We also met up with our friends to hang out at the Frisco Aquatic Center. There is never a shortage of things to do in Texas.

We celebrated Father's Day with the best Father/Uncle around!

We took the girls to check out Top Golf which is a place I have wanted to go to ever since moving to Dallas. It did not disappoint.

The 2nd week that my nieces were here, our church had VBS and since I work in our children's ministry, I had to be there every day. Sutton and Emmie jumped right in and helped.

The 5th graders got to participate in Jello Wars. It is as disgusting as it sounds. Here are me and my fellow warriors prepping the warfare.

Bring it, kiddos!

Love, love, love this precious group of girls

After VBS was over, we loaded the mini van and headed to Alabama!

We made it! SO happy to see my family!

While in Alabama we got to see some dear dear friends from Dothan, the Brewers....

....AND we sold our house! It was very bittersweet because we built that house when we had only been married a year. it was the house where we brought Bennett home from the hospital. But it was time to sell it to the lovely family that had been renting it from us all of these years. Good-bye, little house on Duncannon. We may not have lived in you for very long, but you were a labor of love and we will miss you.

It was a very good start to the summer.

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