Friday, May 17, 2013

Home Life

I have to say that life around here has been extremely low key and wonderful lately. We have been busy with the normal every day stuff, but we try to spend as much time together as a family doing ordinary things. Registering Bennett for Kindergarten has been so weird for me. I think it's because Lainey looks so much like Bennett and every time I am on the floor just playing with Lainey I can't believe it has been 5 years since I did the same thing with Bennett. It truly does go by so fast and so we try to spend as much time just soaking in our kids and our lives together. You never know when things are going to change.

These are just a few shots from the past few weeks of life in the Webster house. We've had the normal things going on- I'm teaching drama, Rob has been busy with work and side projects on the weekends, the kids have had playdates, school activities, and gymnastics. But our best times are the times when it is just the 5 of us (and Meg) hanging out at home.

Little Lainey bug officially sitting up and ready to play.
 To keep the kids from wanting to watch cartoons, I am always trying to think of new things to do with them. One Saturday morning I set up a store. I put a price tag on a lot of their toys, gave them each a few coins, and let them shop. Fun way to spend a morning.
 It went on for hours. My favorite kind of game.
 Bennett tried to sell Lainey at the store. Apparently she costs $7.
 Bennett has turned into a super reader. It has all just clicked in the last few months and she can read anything (within reason) now. She will spend the longest time curled up on a couch reading. Here she is with her loot from the book fair.
Will's not as interested in books. He'd rather build and knock down towers. Fine by me.
 The kids are obsessed with Monopoly. They ask to play it every night and I would say that we probably play it twice a week.
 And they love Checkers too. Actually, Will likes it a whole lot more than Bennett which is odd. He hasn't quite gotten thinking ahead to the next move, but Rob is patiently working with him on strategy and he is starting to get it. Regardless, he loves to play it and as long as he isn't asking for an electronic device, I am happy.
 Breakfast in bed. On Mother's Day. Interesting turn of events. Hey, Rob has to be at the church early on Sundays so when I am trying to get three kids plus myself fed and dressed and out the door by 8 am, I'll pretty much do whatever it takes to keep them happy.
Hugs before bedtime for little sister.
 Melt my heart.
 A shot I took of our house before heading out on a walk. Doesn't our porch swing look inviting? Come hang out with me on it. You know you want to.
 Afternoon walk/bike ride.
 In a staring contest, Meg will always lose. Eye contact frightens her. Really.
 Lainey is old enough now to sit up and ride in our bike trailer. This has made our evenings a whole lot more fun.

Just a few pics of life at Casa de Webster. Not interesting to anyone but us, but hopefully blog posts like these will be fun to look back on one day and remember when life was simple and easy going. I feel extremely blessed and very grateful.


Jessie said...

Such a wonderful you! Love your family! You are such an awesome mom! For reals.

Donnie Manis said...

You are wrong - VERY interesting to your friends. Thanks for sharing!