Saturday, May 18, 2013

Field Day Fun....otherwise known as the day I yell at 3 year olds.

I admit it. I'm competitive. I've been known to throw an elbow in a game of basketball. I get annoyed when Rob's trebuchet takes out my castle when we play Age of Empires. Losing a game of Wii tennis is not an option for me. But even I may have sunk to a new low on Thursday when I actively cheered for a team of sweet 3 year olds to lose in a game of Tug of War. I may or may not have yelled for Will to "put some muscle into it."

It really wasn't that bad. I do have some sort of self respect. And both of my kids won their respective games so I didn't need to yell too much. I hope you all know I am kidding. Maybe. Let's move on.

We had Field Day at the kids pre-school this past week. I loved Field Day when I was growing up. I remember them so vividly. I usually got ribbons in the track events and I think it was always a half day at school so you got to have fun, get ribbons, and then go swimming in my Grandmother's pool afterwards. Perfect Day.

Go, Will, Go!
 Rounding that corner like a champ.

 Poor Lainey never gets to nap on schedule. That's the hard part about being a 3rd child. But she did great cheering on her siblings despite her sleepiness.
 Bennett got to be with her friend Brodie for the 3 legged race. They didn't really race but rather strolled leisurely together.
 So stinkin' cute!
 Carrying an egg on a spoon is serious business y'all. It needs total concentration.
 We had a few tears after Bennett accidentally got elbowed in the eye. And no, it was not me throwing the elbows. This time.
 And a quick kiss from Lainey made her feel all better.
 B's turn to hop in the awesome popcorn sack.
 Will looks a little embarrassed to have his leg tied to London's.
 But are they not the cutest?
 Ummm.... what is going on here? I do not think there were any races going on that warranted this unsolicited hug from Brodie. That's it. I'm locking her up for 15 years.
 Here we go- tug of war! Get 'em Blue team!!
 And green team! Look at those Moms in the back cheering politely. Not me. I demand victory.
 Happy Field Day campers.

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