Saturday, September 22, 2012

She's almost here......

8 more days! Are we ready? Absolutely not.

I had hoped to be in our new house in Dothan by the time the baby came. I, like every other pregnant woman, have the major nesting instinct going on and would like a nursery with, oh, maybe a crib set up. We are still in our temporary house and not really having anywhere for the baby to go has been hard. But my super wise husband said to me one day as I was having a hard time, "Our baby girl may not have a house or a room ready for her, but she has a family waiting for her that could not be more ready."

How did I get so lucky? He always puts things into perspective for me. I hope each of my children is blessed with a such a spouse.

Anyway, we have big news! We found a house here and we will be moving in on October 19th! Hooray!! The problem is that I am being induced on October 1st. Oh, well. Moving with a 4, 3, and 2 week old? No biggie.

That does help in the fact that I don't have to set up a nursery for her here at this house. She will sleep in a bassinet by our bed for the first few weeks. And since all of her nursery furniture is in our garage with boxes sitting on top of it, our awesome cousin Chris loaned us his changing table. All we need. And it is set up and ready to go. So, while all my friends are posting on Facebook adorable pictures of their nurseries, may I present mine?

Hey, what else do you need? I think we are pretty set. :)

But we have been getting ready in other ways. We surprised each of our kids at school and checked them out early to take them to a special lunch with just Mommy and Daddy. They were both so surprised to see us and loved one on one time. It was so great for me and Rob to ask them questions, explain what would happen when Mommy was at the hospital, and just enjoy each of them by themselves.

Here is Bennett on her special lunch and then having yogurt afterwards.

And here is Will the very next day having lunch and then yogurt at the exact same spot.

Rob has taken the kids separately to band practice with him so the other can stay home and have special Mommy time. They could do whatever they wanted to do on that night. Will wanted to go to the bookstore and play with trains and I didn't get any pictures of that. But Bennett wanted to read 100 books! So she and I stayed in bed for 2 hours and read as many books as we could. We had the best evening. She talked and talked and talked all about school, her teachers, and her friends. She read along with me, she snuggled with me..... we honestly had the best evening.

And then just yesterday I took Bennett for her very first pedicure. She picked a sparkly pink color in honor of her baby sister. 

So, we may have half of our lives in boxes. There may not be a nursery ready. But this baby girl could not have a family more ready to meet her. And that's all that matters.


Jessie said...

insert ugly cry...crying b/c your little girl is so blessed to be coming into such a loving and awesome family, but also b/c I'll miss holding her when she's so tiny. I love you so much and will be praying for her big debut.

starnes family said...

She has all she needs and more based on the love in your heart. So excited for you!

starnes family said...

She has all she needs and more based on the love in your heart. So excited for you!