Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Me: (opening Bennett's backpack after school) Look, Bennett. There's an invitation in your backpack today. You got invited to a birthday party.

Bennett: Yay! Whose birthday party is it?

Me: Ummm.... it's Jordan's.

Bennett: I don't know a Jordan.

Me: Well, the invitation says that it is for Jordan's birthday party.

Bennett: But I really don't know a Jordan.

Me: Isn't there a Jordan in your class?

Bennett: No.

Me: Are you sure, honey?

Bennett: MOM! There's not a Jordan in my class.

Me: Well, it says right here that it is Jordan's party. Is she in another class and you met her on the playground?

Bennett: (getting increasingly frustrated) MOM! I don't know a Jordan. There isn't one at my school.

Me: Well, I guess you're going to Jordan's party. Is Jordan a boy or a girl?


Me: (calling Rob over) Rob, read this invitation. Does it or does it not say Jordan?

Rob: (taking all of 2 seconds to read it) No, it says Jayden.

Bennett: Yeah, Jayden is my friend from school.

Me: Oh, sorry.

Bennett: Mom, I think the baby in your tummy is making you say wrong things.


Anonymous said...

Love your family stories! Wish you were still in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Out of the mouths of babes.

Chelsea S said...

so that you aren't completely confused why you had a "visitor from Korea, Republic of" It's me, Chelsea! Your long lost friend from Frazier. I'm living in Korea. I do a blog too, I am trying to find out how to subscribe to your blog. Am I missing something? I don't see a "follow" or "subscribe" button? But, other than that, congrats on getting a house and pre-congratulations on your forthcoming new addition :)

Lauren W said...

Hey Chelsea! I had no idea you were in Korea. So good to "see" you again. :-) You can subscribe to this blog through google reader. There should be a little button that says "join this site" and it is right under my followers list. Hope this helps.

Caroline Armstrong said...