Monday, September 24, 2012

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that September was National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month? Neither did I. I wish I didn't know that still. But every since we lost our beautiful Elliot, my whole family has learned far more than we ever wanted to about Ovarian Cancer. My cousin Erin is still teaching me things every day about this disease and one way to honor Elliot is to make sure others know how truly awful and dreadful this type of cancer is.

My aunt and uncle, my parents, my cousin and her family, my sister and her family have all been out in full force this month "painting the town teal." They have walked in fundraisers, hung posters, hung teal ribbons on their houses, and so much more to remind people to take this disease seriously. I am so proud of all of them and all of their efforts.

Women, get checked! You have to ask for specific tests. Men, make your loved ones get tested. Elliot had no idea that she had ovarian cancer until it was too late. It is called the silent killer for a reason. A normal Pap smear won't catch it. Ask specifically for a pelvic exam. Talk to your OB. Know your body! Don't dismiss any symptoms. Far too many people are losing their mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. Please be aware.

Here is a link to which will give you any information you may need. I urge you to read through the site and see your doctor if you have any questions at all. I know that I plan to.

Here is a picture I found recently of Elliot holding Bennett when she was a baby. Everything we do is to honor her and to prevent other families from going through the same loss.

And here is my family wearing our shirts in honor of Elliot. I love it when people comment on my teal clothing or my teal toenails so I can have a chance to share Elliot's story.

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starnes family said...

I love that picture of Elliot. So sweet. Your passion for this issue is very much like mine for Caroline's. I get it.