Sunday, July 11, 2010

We're Ba-ack

We are finally back from a fun filled week visiting family in Virginia. We haven't seen Rob's family in a year and some members had never even met Will and hadn't seen Bennett since she was 5 months old. It was about time.

Rob's sister and bro-in-law live in Alexandria, but they have a home south of the DC area right on the Potomac River. So Websters from near and far piled into Swagger Wagons and airplanes and headed East.

We had a fabulous week playing with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We went for boat rides, swam, kayaked, picked blackberries, toured colonial plantations, fished, watched movies, played games, and just enjoyed being together.

Rob took about 2500 pictures. I am not exaggerating. He seriously did. Fortunately I have narrowed them down to about 33. That may seem like a lot, but believe me, I am doing you a favor. Of course, nearly all of my shots have people in them. Rob will be posting on his blog his amazing scenic shots and HDR photography. I let him do the complicated stuff.

Here we are with Rob's side of the family. His Dad and step-mom are seated in the chairs and the other redheaded adults would be his sister and brother. The remaining folks are the spouses and kids. It is an awesome family and I feel so lucky that I married into this great group of people.

My little family unit celebrating the 4th of July

Rob's father with all 6 of his grandkids. This was the first time that Jim had been with all of his grandchildren at one time.

Will with his Uncle Hazen. Even though they aren't blood related, you can totally see the similarities here, right?

Bennett and Will with their Granddaddy

Catching up with the family.

Will was the first one up every morning (!!!) so Rob would take him out in his pajamas so he wouldn't wake the house. Here is Will enjoying the sunrise over the water in his pj's.

Blackberry picking with the cousins

Not too fun on a scorching day, but the result was a fabulous cobbler

Bennett looks thrilled to be with her cousins. Maybe she needed a nap.

Fireworks! That kept my baby up all night! Oh, well. Still pretty cool.

Bennett rockin' the ipod with her cousin, Madeline. I think they were probably listening the Lady Gaga. That seemed to be the artist of the week much to everyone's chagrin.

Kisses from Granddaddy.

Rob taking a morning stroll with his Dad and kids.

Maybe my favorite picture of Bennett ever? I LOVE this shot! It looks like it could be in a Coppertone ad.

Bennett absolutely adored her cousin, Sophie. She wanted to be wherever Sophie was. They played together, read together, went to playgrounds together... everything. Bennett cried when Sophie left 2 days early.

Even Rob and I got a little downtime to relax and enjoy the water.

Aunt Laura was so happy to spend time with her newest little nephew.

Fishing with Daddy.

Making memories.

I fished too! But I only caught a crab and a ridiculously bloody fish.

Out in the kayak with Daddy.....

... with slowpoke trailing behind.

Will you guys hurry up? Can someone get me on a boat please?

Bennett is completely unaware of the danger lurking behind her. Mad Max is on the loose.

Sunset over the river. Absolutely gorgeous.


Hazen pulling in the crab traps. Yay for lunch!

Playing outside with Sophie and Jameson. What a gorgeous background.

Relaxing in the hammock.

Family boat ride. My children look slightly nervous.

Rob with his Dad and siblings.

And finally, we flew out of DC to come home, but we made time to stop at the Air and Space Smithsonian where we caught up with our dear friend Carmen and her children.

So, there you go. My captions aren't very witty because frankly there are too many of them and I am still tired. But we had a fabulous vacation. I love my family so very much and I am thrilled that my children will have such wonderful memories of growing up and spending summers in Virginia with their family.

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