Thursday, July 22, 2010

Her theology may be a little off

My husband works at a church. This has presented many problems in our lives this past year. Most families don't take their children several times a week to Daddy's work.

Bennett would get so upset when I would take her to the nursery when I had a meeting at the church. We would pull in the parking lot and she would say, "We're here!! We're at Daddy's work." Then when I would take her to the nursery instead of to Daddy's office she would start bawling and look at me like I was the most deceitful person she had ever encountered.

On the flip side we would pull into the parking lot and she would start crying because she didn't want to go to the nursery. She would be in near hysterics when she realized that we were just going to Daddy's office to pick him up for lunch.

Very confusing. Were we at church? Daddy's office? A lot to think through for a 1 year old.

So now that Bennett is 2 she has entered the "why" phase of her young life. She has a better grasp on where Daddy's works, but it has now taken a turn for the worse. She was pestering me a few weeks ago about why Daddy has to work.

Bennett: Bennett no like Daddy go to work. (Because clearly Elmo has taught her to speak only in 3rd person)
Me: Me neither.
Bennett: WHY Daddy go to work?
Me: (incredibly stupidly) Well, he has to go to work to make money so you can enjoy that cracker you're eating. (Or something to that effect. It wasn't exactly phrased like that. But close enough.)

Do you all see where this is going? So every time we go to the church now, she will say, "Daddy go to church to make money." Hmmm..... I told her Daddy went to WORK to make money, but she can't separate it. It is all over for us now. She tells her nursery workers, "Daddy come to church to make money." She tells anyone in a 2 foot radius the same story much to my embarrassment.

Rob was mortified. He told me to tell her, "Daddy goes to work to serve Jesus." I tried. It's too late. The damage has been done.

Which brings me to yesterday. Rob is on a missions trip with the church to Africa. Yes, it is technically for work, but it is also an amazing opportunity for Rob to use his gift of storytelling to capture video that will be shown to our congregation in hopes of raising funds and support for the people of Malawi. It is an honor for him to have this chance to use his gifts to serve the Lord.

Bennett doesn't see it like that. We were at the church last night and someone bent down and asked her, "Do you miss your Daddy?" Bennett smiled at them and said, "No. Daddy in Africa to work and make money."

Sometimes I wish he sold real estate.


Erin said...

The Bible says not to muzzle an ox while he is treading...., so maybe Bennett is not too off in her theology!!!! I hear you on the selling real estate sometimes :)

Shannon said...

I think that is so cute and hilarious! She's quite witty for only being 2.

Andrea said...

I know your pain. My children have been through that too. It only gets worse when both Mommy and Daddy work there.

Maggie said...

This is soooooo funny. Love it!

Carmen & Eddie said...

if Bill COsby still has his show "Kids Say the Darndest Things" Miss B would surely be a regular!!!!

The Scott family said...

I want to meet this kid!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is hilarious. I'm so glad I found your blog. Love your family stories!

This is Amanda (who works at the church, too - we met at the Julie & Julia party)!