Friday, July 30, 2010

Stepping back in time

Oh, Jeff Probst. You know that you hold me hostage on Thursday nights, right? Because of you and your little sidekick over on NBC, Michael Scott, I am usually stuck inside on Thursday nights wondering who the tribe will speak to and what pants Andy Bernard will wear. It's a tough life.

But in the summer, I don't have these worries. I am free to roam about town as I please on Thursday nights. You may read this and wonder why I am held hostage. I hear you all silently wondering is if I am the last person in America to have a DVR. And no, I do have one, but I also have friends that call right at 8:00 and say, "OH MY WORD! Did you see that?" So, therefore Rob and I feel obligated to watch these shows live.

I digress. Last night we had no tribe to root for, so we did what any normal family would do. We went and visited a working farm that was a stagecoach route in the 1800's. Doesn't everyone do that on a Thursday night?

We entered the visitors center and were greeted by a very large boot. Of course. Makes perfect sense.

This sight greeted us as we headed out to the farm from the visitors center. I almost fainted. I was so excited. I tapped into my inner Laura Ingalls and decided to get my prairie life on.

We saw these volunteers harvesting wheat. You could then go to the kitchen where a woman was making bread from the wheat germ and churning butter. Maybe if I would get off the couch and quit watching "Survivor" then I could make my own bread too. Until then, I'll drag my lazy self to Wal-Mart.

It may not look like it here, but I am secretly pretending that I am traveling from Walnut Grove to Plum Creek.

Just call me, "The Horse Whisperer."

I don't know. But it's pretty.

Bennett got to grind corn to feed some chickens. She couldn't really get the hang of it, but believe me, you had better not even try to help her. Her favorite new phrase is, "Bennett. do. it. myself!!!!"

Will was not amused by the chickens. He's too high brow for farm life.

Bennett didn't mind getting down and dirty. She had no fear of the chickens and did a great job letting them come and eat out of her hand.

Great shot of two of the loves of my life.

A parting shot beckoning me to come and volunteer on the farm. You just wait. One day you will see me in a bonnet harvesting wheat with the best of them.


starnes family said...

NEED INFO NOW!!!!!! So my cup of tea. Great find, my dear!

I'm dying to see the wagon grooves from the settlers going westward. Near the train station, south, I believe? Are you familiar?

Andrea said...

Where is this? I think I need to take my kids there soon.

The Scott family said...

Love it! That looks so fun!! What are we going to do without Michael Scott?

Brittny said...

I started to read this, but had to skim b/c I feel like I'm avoiding my family and dumping the kids on my parents..... again! But all I could think about was that you and Rob are wearing jeans and NOT sweating.

How is that?

It's the end of July. How is everyone not melting from the heat and humidity like we are?

I'm left feeling jealous. Yet again.

(Can you tell I want to live in a fun city that has four seasons? Yeah, I'm jealous.)