Sunday, July 25, 2010

Evening Converstion

The Scene: Driving home from riding the merry-go round with two very tired children.

Me: Bennett. Guess what?
B: What, Mama?
Me: Tonight, when we get home, you are going to night night in your bed. And when you wake up tomorrow we are going to go get Daddy from the airport.
B: Okay.
Me: Does that sound good?
B: Uh, uh. Tomorrow we get Daddy.
Me: That's right.
B: And ice-cream.
Me: Um, okay.
B: And Jesus.
Me: Sounds good. Tomorrow we will get Daddy, ice-cream, and Jesus.
B: Yep.


Carmen & Eddie said...

serously- maybe you should get the production team for kids say the darndest things... B would ROCK the house, well the rest of the country's houses!!!

The Scott family said...

sounds like today will be a good day!

starnes family said...

I love her.

Been missing you, sweet friend! Let's get together soon. I'm back from vacation!