Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm about to throw myself off a big girl bed

So, we made the official switch to a big girl bed. I have been meaning to blog about this for awhile, but I haven't because her big girl bed has become my big fat nightmare.

Let me back up by saying that we have not bought Bennett a bed of her own. We were waiting for Uncle Sam to give us a nice tax check to buy her bed. But two things occurred in our period of waiting-

1. She kept asking for a big girl bed. I have been talking about one for awhile now to get her ready and she has slept in them a few times while on vacations and she was sooo ready to get in one.

2. She was climbing out of her crib. Not good.

Rob and I decided to put her in our guest room bed and add rails. That way she could make the transition and we would wait and buy her bed after April 15th. But something funny happened on the way to the guest room. Bennett became OBSESSED with her new big girl bed.

Now I can't get my child to sleep. This is my dream child who since she was 3 months old has slept 13 hour nights and taken 3 hour naps. Now she is too happy to sleep. She sits in her bed for hours and plays. We hear her at 10:00 still "reading books." The guest room bed is near a window. Now we hear her at 5:00 am yelling, "Hi Truck!" as she looks out the window. She won't come downstairs anymore. She just wants to sit in her bed and read. She sits there like a princess surrounded by dolls and books and just asks, "More books, please."

The lack of sleep has made for a very cranky Bennett. I picked her up from our church nursery today and the first thing she said was, "Big girl bed," and then proceeded to have a come apart to top all come aparts and she lay in the middle of the nursery hallway and screamed and gasped for breath while screaming, "BIG GIRL BED" as all the other Moms and their normal children hurried by. I think she's asleep now, but I am sure I will hear her in a few minutes looking through the window and yelling at the snowflakes.


Erin said...

YAY Bennett! I can't believe she is old enough to be in a big girl bed! My turn is just around the corner - YIKES!!! Maybe the new will wear off soon and she will be back to sweet dreamland :)

starnes family said...

We're almost there with Lainey. She'll climb out of her crib, but seems comfortable doing so.

I'm not ready. She's my last baby. Which means, she might be in her crib until she goes off to college.

Love that she's comfortable there!

terrymary said...

I remember when Josh got a big boy bed. He fell out every night like clockwork (we would wait for the thud on the ceiling above the living room)... but he never woke up. Then one day we got smart and bought a bed rail. Good thing you are smarter than we were!