Saturday, February 13, 2010

Things to Remember

A few days ago I got out of the shower and wrapped my hair in a towel and got dressed. I heard Bennett jumping up and down on her big girl bed and so I went to get her up. I walked in the room and she said, "Mommy! You got towel on head." I went downstairs and told Rob that I really thought she was talking more that day than the day before. It's changing so fast. New words, stringing words together, and just overall communication. I need to write a few funny things about the particular time in her life down before I forget.

-After she was in time out one day and had told me sorry she said, "I tell Mickey Mouse sorry." I told her that she hadn't done anything to offend mickey Mouse, but she insisted. So I carried her over to the TV and she kissed the screen and said, "I so sorry, Mickey."

-When I put her to bed at night we always read 3-4 books, sing a song of her choosing, and then say prayers. We always start the prayer- Dear Jesus, thank you for Mommy, Daddy, Bennett, Will...... and then I let her finish and say whatever she is thinking of. Sometimes she says her dogs, sometimes it's a certain rodent from Disney with big ears, but usually it's another family member. That night I started the prayer and then paused for Bennett. She stopped, thought about it, and then yelled at the top of her lungs, "AND TANK YOOO FOR PEE PEE IN DA POTTY!" (She hasn't by the way. We just talk about it a lot.)

-She talks to herself constantly and she is always repeating things that she hears us say. She is always saying things like, "Careful, Bennett. Oh, no Bennett. Sit down, Bennett. That's yucky. Need help, Bennett."

-If she knows that she did something wrong and I shoot her a certain look, she runs and puts herself in time out without me ever having to say a word.

-One morning there was a neighborhood dog barking extremely early and we heard Bennett stirring through the monitor so we walked in her room and she was standing on the bed, looking out her window, and saying, "No, Meg. No! Go to your bed, Meg!" (Meg is our golden lab who was sleeping peacefully in the hallway and not barking at 5:00am.)

-She loves to clean up. I made up a little song about cleaning up that we have always sung to her and now she has to clean up herself and she sings the song. I told her that dinner was ready last night and she said, "Oh, no! Clean up, Mommy." And then she sang the song herself while picking up her toys. Sometimes she pours out all of her toys just so she can clean them up again.

-She loves loves loves her brother. We took her to see "Elmo Live" two weeks ago and we left Will at our friend Mary's house. We realized that Bennett never goes anywhere without Will because when we got back in the car she started crying, "What happened to Will? OH, NO! Where did Will go?" She said that repeatedly and then just sat in the backseat and sniffed, "Oh, no, Will. Will. Oh, Will."


dad said...

It's great that you are recording these moments; she will change every day and they are so easy to forget. We can't wait to see her!

Erin said...

I too am so glad you are writing all of this down. I am trying to do the same thing. It's so hard to recall everything, but I am trying to write it down on paper and in my heart so that I don't forget a thing. Don't you sometimes wish we could just freeze them in this precious place?? But then again, I love watching them grow and change every day. Give her my love :)