Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lost and Found

Bennett is forever losing and finding things. Well, not really, but she thinks she is. Whenever she sees something in our house, even if it has been in plain sight all day, she will proclaim, "I FOUND THE PILLOW!" I don't bother to tell her that she has been inches from the pillow for about an hour. She is also losing things or wondering where they went. If you spend any time at my house you will hear-

-What happened to Daddy? (He's at work, honey)
-OH, NO! Where did Will go? (Will is night night, Bennett)
-OH, NO! What happened to Elmo? (I turned off the TV before I was declared insane)
- I FOUND ELMO! (I cave and the TV is back on)
-I FOUND Will! (Will woke up form his nap due to the screaming)

And so on and so forth. So today I took a trip to Babies R Us. I couldn't help but notice that all of the other kids Bennett's age were quiet in the shopping carts. They were looking around, talking to their Mom, eating cheerios, maybe crying over a toy... normal things. Not Bennett. She was screaming. You could hear her all over the store yelling-

-I FOUND ELMO! (She saw a box of pampers)
-I FOUND A PICTURE OF WILL! (Every baby on any box in the store was Will)
-OH, NO!! Where did potty go? (We went to another aisle)
-OH, NO!! What happened to stroller?
-OH, NO! Where did shoes go?
-I FOUND WILL! (Another picture)

Why was she the only one screaming? Why did this continue when we got home? And why haven't I taken any ibuprofen yet?

I am sure she is yelling in this picture, "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WIND?"

Side Note- As I type this Bennett is sitting on our piano bench, banging on the piano and singing, "Party in the USA." She is singing, "Hands up, playing my song, butterflies fly away. Nodding head- yeah. Hips. Yeah." Will is staring at her in disbelief. So am I.


Brittny said...

No way. I was going to write the same exact thing about my kids today, but got sidetracked!!! My kids scream ALL THE TIME!!!!! Sometimes it's not even words, just pure screaming for the sheer joy of it. I went to check the mail yesterday and could hear them taking turns screaming from in the house. I only wonder what the neighbors think of us... Oh, and I hate those moms who kids are sitting quietly. Something is terribly wrong.

S. Webster said...

Bennett Webster, philosopher, slam poet, and pop vocalist. Oh, how I miss that girl! And I LOVE her windy pic!

Carmen & Eddie said...

LOL!!!! Of all people I thought you could spot the difference between screaming and projecting!!! LOL I laugh as I type this... I think kids of theatrical parents come by it honestly cause Sebastian projects (what I choose to call it) all the time!

Erin said...

If anyone understands a squealing child in the middle of a store - it's ME!! I am right there with you.