Monday, February 22, 2010


Will has been saying Mama for a couple of months now. But he only says it when he is hysterically crying. Go figure. He has never said it in just a normal every day setting. Yesterday I was changing his diaper at 6 am and he looked at me and said, "!" I asked him what he had just said and he said, "Ma!" I think I died a little bit inside.

And today my cuddly, sweet, huggable, and absolutely adorable little buddy has been saying, "Mama" all day. He looks so pleased with himself every time that he says it. So am I.


Erin said...

Oh, I could just eat him up!! Those pictures are adorable. This is such a fun age!! And yay for Will saying, "mama"! My little buddy finally decided he wanted to say "mama" at 14 months!! What the heck? After all I went through for him!!!

Lori Mercer said...

Oh WOW! AWESOME pics of Will! So cute! :)

Kara said...