Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why double strollers are a good thing

I never use my double stroller. It's hard to open, too bulky, and annoying. I think tonight may have changed my mind.

I went to Walgreens to pick up some prints for the Will's baby album. I got there too early and had 10 minutes to wait. I had Will in his stroller and I was holding Bennett on my hip. 10 minutes was way too long to hold her and walk around the store so I let her walk. I found a few things that I needed and I put them in Will's stroller. I laughed at the bottle of shampoo laying next to his face and so I said, "Thank you, Will," I picked up a pack of gum and laid it on his belly. I said, "Thank you, Will. Thank you for being my shopping cart." He laughed right back at me and told me in his own way that he didn't mind.

So I stop on the magazine aisle. I get distracted by what Paula Deen is cooking this holiday season. My eyes aren't glued on Bennett, but I can hear her giggling and talking right beside me so I read all about a butternut squash casserole.

Then I hear Bennett saying, "Thank you, Will. Thank you, Will. Thank you, Will." I should have put away my magazine, but I thought she was just playing with him. When they finally called my name to let me know that my pictures were ready, I put down my magazine, looked down at the stroller, and gasped. I couldn't see Will. Well, I couldn't see his face. I saw two arms, two legs, a Hershey bar, a Teen Beat magazine, a tube of toothpaste, some chocolate covered almonds, and various other items that Bennett had piled on top of Will. As I realized what was going on she brought a huge bag of cotton balls over to the stroller and put it on top of the rest of her loot. "Thank you, Will," she said.

I'm a bad influence. And she's going in the double stroller next time. And Will still smells like chocolate.


terrymary said...

I only wish you'd taken a picture! Thanks for adding a smile to my morning.

Anna said...

yes. i definitely laughed out loud as i read this. now i cant figure out how i'm going to transport twins and addie :/ havent found any good triple strollers! guess addie will be a tad older. love your stories!

Mr. March said...

Adorable. Next year send your man and child over to the west side so they can assist me please. Simply adorable.

Trudie said...

I love it Lauren! You make me wonder what we will do when baby #3 comes.(Due June 2nd)