Saturday, November 21, 2009


We are in Seaside, Florida and having a blast. Besides running around 24/7 trying to keep Bennett safe in a huge un-baby proofed beach house, we are loving every second.
I absolutely love this sweet picture. It looks like Bennett is saying a prayer on the beach. She's not, but work with me.

My entire family

Will fell asleep on our way home. I like this shot because you can see the town of Seaside behind us. I had to wrap him up in a towel because I left his blanket at the house, but he didn't seem to mind.

All the girls in my family and sweet little Will. He'll be a tough kid.

Will and his big cousin, Emmie. Two beautiful and precious children.


Courtney said...

Gah!! You're so close I can almose taste it! But not close enough for a quick drive up to hug you and the kids. Have so much fun!

Anna said...

love these pictures! i cant believe how big Will is! i think the first one of bennett is beautiful too! such a gorgeous family!