Saturday, November 7, 2009

4 months old

Happy 4 months, my sweet Will. You have brought so much joy to our family and have added more than you will ever know. You made me the Mommy of a little boy and you gave Bennett a sibling to play with and someone who will be in her life for a long time. You have brought us laughter, quiet moments of cuddling, and so much love. I adore all 4 months of you.

A few things about Will at 4 months

- He weighs 13.9 lbs and is in the 25-50% for weight
- He sleeps from about 8:30pm until 5:30am
- He takes three good naps a day
- If you make eye contact with him, he will burst into a huge grin
- He loves to laugh. Funny faces and noises make him laugh as does tickling
- He sleeps on his side and is extremely close to rolling over
- He can grab his toes now
- He loves to be held and would let you hold him all day
- He loves to practice sitting up and would prefer that to laying down
- He coos when he is happy. In fact, he is in my lap cooing as I type this
- He is growing up way too fast


Caroline Armstrong said...

Oh what a sweet picture of him! And in the post before...I KNEW Bennett was going to put groceries on him and say "Thank you, WIll" before you wrote it!!!!!! I could just see it!!!!!! That is too cute and funny!!!

Erin said...

Sweet baby Will. I can't wait to meet him..., hopefully over Thanksgiving???