Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How we carve pumpkins

This is how we carve pumpkins in our house.
By: Bennett Webster

Cool! Mom and Dad bought a pumpkin. What's Dad doing? I thought those were just for decorations.

Whoa! I get it. You scoop out seeds. Fabulous!

Look at me helping. I am such a big girl.

WHAT? Mom is posing with Will in front of the pumpkins. Will! Are you serious? He didn't even do anything? Why am I not in this picture? Why is Mom holding Will instead of me? I need to do something about this now.

Ahhhh... that's better. Dad's holding me now and once again I am front and center. Just where I like to be. Gotta go now because Mom is making me wash my hands. Yay, pumpkins.

1 comment:

Caroline Armstrong said...

I have to tell you how much i LOVED your Halloween costumes!!!!! You have the most creative family! What a cute idea!!
And as for Bennett...she is my kind of girl!