Friday, February 22, 2008

A Fun "Shower"

So, how many of you can say that you had your wedding reception in a hail storm and your baby shower in a tornado? I can! I love this picture of me and Kim because she was called into the studio to report on tornado damage about 1 hour after this pic was taken. And if you look in the background you can see the severe weather alert on the TV. Yes, in the middle of my baby shower, we were hit with a tornado. It was actually very interesting opening little bibs and onesies with tornado sirens going off. We had a great time though and it meant so much to me that so many wonderful friends didn't care about life threatening drives on stormy roads and spent their afternoon with me. I felt very loved and blessed. 3 days and counting!! Oh, and they are predicting storms on Tuesday. Of course.


Stacy said...

Can I call her Stormy? I can't wait until Tuesday!!! So exciting... I'll be checking my email all day long in hopes that Rob has posted the first pics!

Brittny said...

I'm with Stacy, I'll be checking all day long waiting for the news!! In case you haven't noticed I'm commenting on every blog b/c I check it almost every day to see if you've either had the baby yet or posted another hilarious thought. Good luck and I can't wait to meet Bennett!!

Amanda said...

Man oh man... I hope this says NOTHING about her personality. I can't wait too... and I hardly know you!

Let the blogger world know about her grand entrance as soon as possible!