Sunday, February 3, 2008

3 weeks and counting!!

Okay, so we are ridiculously blessed. We cannot thank everyone enough who has blessed us with so many beautiful things for little Bennett. This is one spoiled chick and we couldn't feel more overwhelmed. This is a picture of Rob checking out the goodies Bennett got at her shower today.

On the health front- all is back to normal. I was told I would be in pain until the baby was born and that going back to work wasn't really an option, but I have been back full time for 3 weeks and am able to do everything I did before that dreaded day in December. I know I am only this strong though because so many people have been praying for me. I know now more than ever that prayer works and we will need as many of them as possible to get her here safely without any complications- in only 24days!! But who's counting?


Carmen Andres said...

wow! 3 weeks?! oh, girlfriend, how i wish i was there!!

well, if you want to kill some time, i "tagged" you on a book meme: play if you want :) blessings.

Stacy said...

Hooray! We can't wait for Bennett to get here. Just found out today that her new cousin baby is going to be a BOY. Sophie said, "I'm going to go get a girl baby for me. And I'll rock it, rock it, rock it." So watch out -- she may try to steal Bennett.

The room looks adorable!

-- Soon-to-be-Bennett's-Aunt Stacy

Amanda said...

Yay! Not too much longer! Once she's here, we need to have her and Chase meet!