Saturday, April 15, 2017

More Disney magic

That previous post was only our first day and a half at Disney World! Whew! If you like nice and quiet Disney trips, do not come with us. Resting is for when you get home. The next day it was time to head over to Hollywood Studios and see how much Star Wars had taken over the parks. The verdict: A lot. A whole lot. And I know there is a lot more coming.

We slept in a little bit so the kids would be ready to go. Okay, maybe we do rest a tiny bit. Here are the kids with Daddy Suttle ready for another great day in Disney World.

First stop? Mickey pretzels. Okay, maybe that stop was for me.

Toy Story Midway Mania is a family favorite. 

I think Lainey may have beaten my Dad. Not sure, but it was close.

At the end of Walt: One Man's Dream, we got to see a sneak preview of the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie and Bennett got to see the dress that Emma Watson wears in the movie. She was in heaven.

I'm not sure how we convinced my parents to go on Star Tours, but we did!

Suckers ;)

Far too many stormtroopers marching up and down the streets for my taste.

We had lunch at the Sci-Fi Dine In restaurant. We had never done it before and it was so much fun. My Dad loved seeing all of the old trailers even though they creeped me out.

Back to the Toy Story ride because we can!

Time for a check-up!

Poor little bugaboo. She tries so hard to keep up that we have to remember sometimes that she is only 4 years old. Love that kid so much.

 I love warm hugs.

Will had no fear of Kylo Ren.

But the rest of us were a little unsure.

Will actually got on Tower of Terror! I couldn't believe it. And judging by his face in this picture, neither could he.

It was a wonderful day at Holly wood Studios. Now on to dinner at Whispering Canyon where I did not take one single picture because I was too tired.

Day 3 was EPCOT day! Let's do this!

We ran straight to Test Track. Hard to believe, but our kids had never done this and Rob and I hadn't been on it in a decade. We won't wait that long again before our next ride.

We found Mommy and Daddy Suttle and headed over to Soarin' and to meet some more Disney characters.

I love this shot so so much.


We can't go to Epcot without going to Boulangerie-Patisserie in France. it is our favorite. My mouth is watering right now thinking of their baguettes and creme brulee.

My happy place.

The topiaries are always amazing and they shouldn't blow me away every time we see them, but they always do.

Another crepe for the road. After all, miss, this is France.

We love EPCOT!

Bugaboo is out for the count again. This will become a recurring event on our trip.

We got to check out the new Frozen ride. Very cool! Especially if you have a FastPass. I don't think I would wait 90 minutes for this one.

Trolls. Lots of trolls.

We went back to our resort for a few minutes and then got on a boat to Disney Springs. Taking an evening boat ride at Disney is one of my most favorite things to do there.

Hanging out in Disney Springs.

It has been a very good trip so far. I am thankful my parents were able to come and be with us for so many days at the parks. The kids loved riding rides and spending time with their grandparents and I couldn't have been more grateful for the time we were all able to spend together.

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