Sunday, April 16, 2017

More Disney days. We might as well move in.

 It's hard to believe that we had been at Disney for 6 days and still had not been to Animal Kingdom. What? Nonsense. But one of our days we spent at Universal and that deserves a whole blog post to itself so we will come back to that later. We arrived in Orlando on a Wednesday and the following Tuesday we finally went to Animal Kingdom.  

Mom, can we have another Mickey pretzel? Why yes, Bennett. Yes, we can.

The drums in Africa. We have pictures of Will playing this drum when he was 13 months old and about every two years since then.

Kali River Rapids otherwise known as the ride where I wish I had a poncho.

We love Kilajamaro Safaris

Dinosaur Playground

And here's where we lose Lainey again. The Tree of Life has no effect on this one.

She tries so hard to keep up.

Donald meet Donald.

This is where it gets good. Will decided that he wanted to ride Everest. He backed out right as we were about to get on and then at the last minute had a change of heart and got on. He was so nervous and the look on his face in this picture is classic.

But he loved it so much (as we knew he would) that he went on it again immediately. He looks a little more excited this time, don't you think? 

We are so proud of our son. He conquered Everest!

And this is the only group shot we got the whole time in front of The Tree of Life. I promise. It's there!


 I'm jumping back a day but I don't think they two of you that are still reading this really care. The day after Universal Studios we needed a rest day! I don't think we left our hotel room until nearly 11 and barely made it to the cafeteria before they stopped serving breakfast. But we made it in time to get Mickey waffles!

And then we spent the afternoon swimming and reading by the pool. A much needed rest day.

Late in the afternoon we headed over to EPCOT for a little bit. We spent time hanging out with Bruce and learning that fish are friends not food.

And then we got on the monorail and went over to the Contemporary Resort for dinner.

Passing by the Magic Kingdom. Hello, old friend.

We then went back to EPCOT and Bennett and I went back to France for dessert while the others rode a few rides.

 Ending up eating dessert with my girl in France is about the best possible way to end an already wonderful day.

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