Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Disney 2017- Just the beginning

We went back to Disney for Spring Break this year. We had some money saved up and instead of replacing our 17 year old mini van or painting our kitchen counters, we went back to Disney. Why?

1. Because we love it there.
2. Because it is a place where my 70 year old parents, 4 year old daughter and everyone in between can have a great time.
3. Because. That's all.

The kids were so incredibly excited for weeks leading up to the trip and Bennett's teacher sent me this picture of a note she found in Bennett's desk. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Heading out at 5am! LET'S GO! Side note- yes, I fixed her seatbelt after I took the picture. Also, that is OJ, not coffee in her travel cup.

At the airport. Let's do this thing!

We made it to our resort, Port Orleans Riverside. No time to stop and enjoy the view though. Let's go to the parks!

First stop: Elsa and Anna of course. Is Lainey not the cutest here??

 Hanging out in Elsa and Anna's house.

Night 1 and we are already closing down the parks. We do not play around.

My parents surprised the kids and joined us for the first part of our trip. They were so excited to see Mommy and Daddy Suttle!

Waiting for the bus. I wish I could freeze time.

Disney buses are part of the adventure.

They were so excited to walk in the magic Kingdom. They both wanted to hold my hand and Bennett covered her eyes and told me to tell her when we could see Main Street.


First stop was the most obvious one. You have to catch the big guy first, right?

Lainey's face after she got Mickey's autograph. And let's just start counting right here how many times I use the word magical.

When we came out of town square there was a double decker bus heading down Main Street towards the castle. We were able to hop right on and that ride ended up being one of my favorite things of the entire trip. No matter how many times you go to Disney, you will always experience something new.

Truly one of the best moments of the week.

We even got a wave from the mayor of Main Street.

View from the castle. 

Y'all. At this point we had only been at Disney World 18 hours and it was already worth every penny.

Traditional breakfast with the princesses at Cinderella's castle. We wouldn't miss this.

Waiting on the Wishes ceremony.

This happens every single time. Kisses from Snow White.

Lainey is in love with Ariel. Just like her big sister was at this age.

We have gotten this shot of Bennett walking up the castle stairs four times now. She is a little taller and a little more grown in every shot, but she is always my little girl.

Our lovely server brought Bennett a cupcake to celebrate her birthday.

And then a post breakfast dance.

I'll take Lainey in this fight.

My heart.

After breakfast we hung out by the castle for a few minutes waiting until it was time to use our fastpasses. Not a bad place to stop and relax.

Cinderella and her royal court.

We went to Enchanted Tales with Belle which is one of our favorite things to do in MK.

Lainey was selected to be the footstool. ;)

Bennett made a delightful Mrs. Potts.

And Will was an outstanding Maurice.

Then it was off to lunch at Belle's castle. 

Time for some rides! You can't miss It's a Small World on any trip to Disney.


These sweet girls stopped my kids and asked then for their autographs. Are you kidding me? That was the sweetest thing ever.

The sign saying goodbye to us as we left Small World. Either really cool or really creepy.

Hanging out with JJ, the town crier, in Liberty Square.

At least he tried.

We got to meet up with my cousin Julie Dansby who works in the Magic Kingdom. It was wonderful to see her after so many years.

Parade time. My favorite.

About this time, Mommy and Daddy Suttle were D-O-N-E. So we got a few shots in front of the castle before they headed back to the hotel.

We love your grandparents. See you in a few hours!

Now on to more rides! Please notice that my oldest child was the only one terrified on Seven Dwarves Mine Train? Even Lainey was thrilled. This may be my favorite picture of the trip. I was so proud of Bennett for even getting on! 😂

She was starting to slightly smile by the end.

Rob chickened out of the tea cups. I wish I had!

Goofy's Barnstormer!

Dumbo again!

We kept riding rides into the evening. Here we are riding Prince Charming's carousel past the castle after sunset. Sigh..... 

We skipped out on the fireworks because we knew we would see them later in the week and the lines are non existent during that time. So we tore up Adventureland and jumped up and down when we saw fireworks in the distant.

Dole Whips to wrap up the evening? Yes, please!

It was a very very good day and the start to an absolutely wonderful week.

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