Friday, December 30, 2016

Random Fall 2016 shots

 These are just a snap shot of the happenings in the Webster family during the Fall of 2016.

Bennett went to camp for the very first time by herself. I wanted to go as a chaperone so badly, but I had to work.  She went to Camp Bible at Camp Bridgeport with the 3rd-5th graders from our church. I am so thankful Bennett got to go and bond with some girls from Custer Road UMC. It was such a great experience and I was incredibly thankful for friends that kept sending me pictures.

Lainey got her first manicure and was in heaven! Is she not the cutest?

We went to see Harry Potter on the big screen and Bennett wore her Gryfindor tie and brought her wand. It was such a fun experience seeing it all together in a movie theatre.

Bennett and Will participated in their school's Fun Run and did a great job.

We spent many Saturdays on the soccer field cheering Will on. Something clicked for him this season and he really did a great job! I was so proud of him. The girls and I were usually dressed in our Bama gear ready for whatever game was being played that afternoon.

Random shot of Lainey dressed up in her Alice dress during her ballet class.

And I only posted this picture because I am so envious of her hair in the picture. 

Look at this beauty!

Our best friend from Kansas, Rachel, came to visit for a weekend!!

Another soccer Saturday. Way to go, Coach Rob!

 This was a typical afternoon after school in our house. All of the neighborhood kids play together every day and on this particular day they pulled all of the play tents out and built a city.

The 2nd graders put on a wonderful Veterans Day program and Will was absolutely adorable singing his heart out right in the middle.

Best friends.

One Saturday we spent a gorgeous gall day on a working farm playing with the animals.

Yup. That would be a kangaroo in between my children.

Alabama/LSU game day. The one day of the year we disagree with Kinley and Cooper.

 Lainey was the cutest little Indian at her pre-school Thanksgiving feast.

And one of the best things about this Fall was how Bennett has gotten to experience new things at our church. I started this post off by sharing how she was able to go Camp Bible now that she was in 3rd grade. It was an amazing weekend where she was able to learn so much about her Bible and dig deeper into the word of God. She also was able to join the handbell choir as a 3rd grader and she received her 3rd grade Bible from our pastor. Of all of the wonderful things we have had going on this Fall, this has been the most special.

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