Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, Lainey!

Oh, my sweet baby girl. How are you 4? In some ways I can't believe it, but in some ways it has been a very long 4 years. So much has happened since you were born in Dothan, Alabama and we lived in our "stick house" that we left when you were only 12 days old? It has been a crazy ride and you have been the joyful, independent, stubborn, strong-willed, loving, funny, mischievous and precious final piece to our family puzzle. We love you so much, Lainey bug. What in the world did we ever do without you?

Traditional morning donuts that all of our kids get on their birthdays. And a typical Lainey face to go along with it.

Facetime with cousins before the day gets started. The hardest thing about living in Texas by far.

Time for the party! The theme this time was Alice in Wonderland. We kept in small in terms of the guest list. We only had a few neighborhood kids over but we went big in decorations. I love a good theme and I had plenty to work with this time!

Happy 4th Birthday, my beautiful Lainey!

Some shots of the table before the guests arrived. I was pretty proud of this one.

Here come the guests. Time for tea!

After the tea party it was time for some trampoline fun and then time for presents and cake!

Does she not look absolutely beautiful here? Oh how I love that Lainey bug.

We finished off the party with a special pinata request.

Lainey rested all afternoon and played with her toys while I watched a little bit of football. Of course. And then later in the evening we took the birthday girl bowling and then to a little park. Her party was on her actual birthday, October 1st, so we wanted to end the day with some quiet family time. She refused to change out of her Alice dress. We didn't mind that request one bit.

Someone was getting a little worn out from all of the birthday fun.

Winding down at the park.

Happy Birthday beautiful Lainey. There is not a 4 year old around who is more loved than you.

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