Sunday, April 6, 2014

Take Me Home, Country Roads

I last posted about the life of Rob's Father, but I wanted to share a few pictures from the wonderful weekend that we had celebrating him. Since it was going to be a jam packed weekend in West Virginia, we decided that it would be really hard to take Lainey. So (very sadly) we left her with my parents. She barely missed us. They took such good care of her that by the time we got back, she didn't want to leave their house. Knowing she was safe and sound at their house made leaving her behind a tiny bit easier.

Here we go again. Another Webster road trip. We average about three 12 hour+ road trips a year. The kids are so used to it. They are really amazing on long road trips. Pretty good for a family who doesn't have a DVD player in their vehicle. We make do with classic movies on the laptop. Here they are watching "The Wizard of Oz" for the first time. Flying monkey's make the time pass by quickly.

Rob and the kids in front the house that Rob grew up in. His family owned this house for 35 years.

Even though we just saw them after Christmas and even though we wish the circumstances had been different, we were thrilled to see our cousins, Madeline and Max.We spent the morning hanging out at Mamaw's apartment. Lots of people had brought food so we just all hung out and talked about Jim and spent time being together.

Here is Sophie pointing out all of the family members to Bennett and Jameson at the visitation.

This was one of the sweetest moments from the weekend. Jim's best friends were Marlin and Barbara Buckmaster. They had been friends with the Websters for over 40 years. Jim and Marlin had lunch together every day at Dupont for 25 years. Can you imagine eating lunch with someone every day for that many years? Talk about knowing someone well. The Buckmasters and the Websters served together at church, were on the same committees, and still got together for weekly dinners right up until Jim entered the Alzheimer's care facility. When Jim was in declining heath, Marlin still drove him around and took care of him as long as he was able. There was a video looping of Jim's life on a small TV in the corner of the visitation room. I think everyone did okay until the end of the evening when Marlin and Barbara just silently watched the screen with tears in their eyes. It was incredibly hard and touching at the same time.

We went to eat afterwards and the cousins love that they are old enough to sit at their own table. Not gonna lie- I'm pretty thrilled with it too. Not having Lainey there definitely had its advantages.

Sweet Madeline getting come cousin love.

The next morning we headed to off to church. Don't my kids look adorable?

I love this picture so so much. Sums them up perfectly.

Will with his handsome cousin, Max.

Big hugs from their Aunt Laura.

Six of the seven grandchildren of Jim and Virginia Webster. Sure wish we had our little Lainey bug in this picture, but we were happy to have six of the kids together.

We went to the church where the Webster kids grew up- St. Paul's United Methodist Church. My husband spent most of his childhood and teenage years singing in the choir, participating in the youth group, going on missions trips and more. The Websters are very beloved here and so they dedicated a part of the service to Jim. Marlin Buckmaster spoke words of remembrance and Rob's brother Frank shared memories of his Dad. Then the choir dedicated a special song to Jim. It was incredibly meaningful and special.

Frank speaking very eloquently about the man who had served in the church for over 40 years.

The actual funeral was held that afternoon. Of course, I didn't take pictures, but I did shoot this one really quickly of Rob and Frank. Jim would have loved nothing more than to see his sons playing together and honoring him. Rob also spoke at the funeral and I can honestly say that I have never heard a more touching eulogy.

After the funeral- the grandchildren with Marsha.

The three Webster kids.

We all went to dinner together afterwards and here are Rob and Frank with the Buckmasters. It is amazing to see them and feel such strong connections to Rob's parents.

We went back to the hotel and woke up the next morning to begin our trip back home, but look what we found when we looked out the window!


Now we're talking!

And here is the family shot (minus Lainey) that we got at the church. It feels strange not having Jim standing there right in the middle of that picture. There will always be a hole without him there, but the lessons he taught and the love he instilled will live on for generations to come.

We love you, Jim. We miss you already so very much and are looking forward to the day when we are reunited in the Lord's presence. Thank you so much for being the kind of husband and father that lives on through his children and grandchildren.

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