Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter weekend 2014

Okay, so these pictures are of the week before Easter. Because Lord knows I didn't get any pictures on Easter Sunday. That's because I was lying in bed all day. With a trash can beside me. You get the point. We did manage to get some family shots the day before Easter, but I need to wrestle those away from my husband who has them loaded into his computer. Until then, here are some Webster shenanigans leading up to Easter.

Hanging eggs in our yard

I directed a skit for the children's service on Palm Sunday. I was so proud of these kids.

Hunting for eggs is serious business!

Will and his best friend, Macy. Two peas in a pod.

The Easter carnival at my parent's church

Best. Bunny. Picture. Ever! Who can blame her? Look at that creepy thing.

Making our annual resurrection cake on Good Friday. In the midst of all of the egg hunts, we really try to emphasize to the kids why we celebrate Easter and why it is the highest and holiest day of the year.

Cutting out the tomb

We place a figure that represents Jesus in white cloth and place it in the tomb

And then seal it with a "stone"

Dying Easter eggs. Please look at that little thing who desperately wants to be like her brother and sister. You cannot keep this one little no matter how hard you try. In her mind, she's already 5.

And we made our annual Easter basket cupcakes.

Easter morning. The stone was rolled away on our cake! The kids saw this and kept yelling, "He is Risen!"

 Easter baskets were filled. By this point, I was really sick. Like, reeeaaallllyy sick. I crawled out of bed to snap approximately 5 pictures and then headed back to my trash can. I missed church on Easter for the first time ever. We made an emergency 6 am phone call to my parents and they drove 2 hours to rescue me. I couldn't have been more grateful. Rob had to be at church really early and they was no way I could watch the kids for 6 hours. Good thing because as soon as he got home from church, Rob got sick. And now Bennett is sick. And so is my Mom. I digress. Back to happy pictures of Easter baskets.

And a shot of the table.

So, maybe Easter this year was a bit different. Our Easter carnival at church was cancelled due to rain. I was unable to attend church or eat with my family. But that doesn't matter. That is so completely insignificant in light of why we celebrate Easter. Whether I am dressed in my finest sitting in a pew at church or whether I am curled up in bed shivering, Jesus still came to earth. He still died on the cross. And He still conquered death and sin by rising three days later. 

We read to the kids passages from the Jesus story book Bible every night leading up to Easter.

 As Sally Lloyd Jones writes in the book above, "Now everyone can come home to God," Jesus said. "Death is not the end of you. You can live forever with your Father in heaven because I have rescued the whole word."

Happy Easter, everyone!

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