Friday, April 18, 2014

Big Firsts in the Webster house

Bennett had two huge firsts in the month of March.

1. She lost her first tooth!
It actually came out on our way to West Virginia. We knew it would be coming out shortly and we even asked the clerk as we checked in the hotel if this was a tooth fairy approved hotel. We found out that it was and so we were comfortable staying there. The tooth actually came out while she was eating a waffle during breakfast. Yup, she swallowed her first tooth. Oh, well. Here was her apologetic note to the tooth fairy.

Then two weeks later she lost the one right next to it. This time she was determined to save the tooth so she could put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. She lost it at school and held on tightly to it all day long. And then, just before bed, as she was putting it under her pillow, Rob reached for a book and knocked it out of her hand.

One word. Utter despair. Okay, that's two words. We all searched all over B's room and under her bed with flashlights but to no avail. She wrote the tooth fairy another letter of apology and begrudgingly went to bed.

Only in our house could losing teeth be so dramatic.

I have to say that I have been a tiny bit sentimental. I know, I know.... shocking. But these were her first two teeth. The ones I had waited and waited for. And I still remember how she looked when she only had those two bottom teeth.

Another big first is that Bennett learned how to ride a bike while we were at the beach. Whoo-Hoo! We had been working with her for awhile so all she needed was a little bit of incentive and fortunately it came in the form of her big cousin Emmie helping her. Emmie worked with her for only a day or so and then.......

And then sometimes she couldn't quite get the handle of the brakes.

But she did it. And now she is riding her bike all over our neighborhood. I am so proud of my reading, writing, toothless bike rider.

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