Monday, January 6, 2014

Road Warriors

We are home after a wonderful Christmas break. We traveled to Montgomery, New Orleans and Austin, Texas. We saw grandparents, aunts, uncles and all 7 of our first cousins.

We stayed in two different homes and two different hotel rooms.

We rode a trolley through Jackson Square in N'awlins and floated on the San Antonio River in a boat.

We ate southern comfort food in Alabama, beignets and oysters in Louisiana, and Texas BBQ in Austin.

And we survived.

I will blog more with pictures later when my husband will get them off of his computer. But today is the first day I have been alone since December 23rd. And when I say alone, I mean just me and 3 small children running around. Compared to the past few weeks, that is considered alone.

But here's a fun fact before I go. My 1 year old has now been to 12 states and my 4 and 5 year old have been to 17 states. I love that.

Lainey- Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas. And she has spent the night in every one of those states but 3.

Bennett and Will- All of the above plus Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois and Indiana.

Here's to 2014. More adventures, more travels and more advil. For me, at least.


starnes family said...

I love this! Yay for adventures with kids. You're totally doing it right.

Unknown said...

Isn't it strange to think Laney has not been to KC?

Fun adventures! We were outside Austin the 28th through the 2nd. Did we overlap? Perhaps we even passed each other on the road. HA

Our travels took us to Dallas, Lubbock, Houston and Austin this holiday season. We were also gone for what seemed like forever. The 18th through the 3rd.

We were in San Antone for Thanksgiving.

You'd think our two families could travel a measly 4 hours to visit each other. LOL