Sunday, January 12, 2014

We had ourselves a merry little Christmas

 Christmas morning......... I love the shot below of them running down the stairs. And honestly, this is the main reason I really try to keep up with this blog. I have such an easy catalog to our lives through this blog. A few days before Christmas the kids and I went back and saw pictures from every Christmas since I began blogging. They are really getting into going back and looking at my old posts and I am so glad I have a place where we can access photos easily.

I digress. Back to 2013. They slept a little later than last year which was great. I think we actually got to sleep until 6:45 which is huge for small children on Christmas morning.

Here they come! I know it is such a quick moment, but I love how Bennett turns her focus from what Santa brought to give Lainey a quick good morning pat on the head. It's the little things.

 He came!! He really really came!
 He smiled like this all day. He just kills me.
 Bennett lost her favorite stuffed animal a few months ago and Santa brought her a new one. It was her favorite present.
Santa didn't forget the littlest Webster either.
Hey, this Christmas thing is amazing!
Thank you, Santa!

A video summing up our Christmas morning

We then got dressed, cleaned up as best as we could, loaded the car and headed out for a week long adventure. Our first stop was just two hours north. We went to my parents house to have Christmas with my side of the family.

My parents with their six grandchildren. Five girls and one boy. Sorry, Will. 

My family unit. Plus Meg the wonder dog.

So, this is what Christmas looked like at the Suttle house. Bennett played piano non stop. She memorized her Christmas book and would just hop on the piano and play. It was kind of nice. Sort of like having someone playing background music while you are shopping at the mall. But maybe someone with a little less rhythm and a slightly smaller repertoire.

My sweet niece read us the Christmas Story from Luke.

And then we opened more presents. Whew! Lainey might have been over it at this point.

 But the other two were still going strong.

I don't know about this particular niece sometimes.

But I do know that Lainey absolutely adores her.

My Dad got presents from those who knew him really well...

......and so did my Mom. Yes, that is an onion. And it's a long story.
Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating the birth of our lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

And I have to end by saying that I got engaged to this handsome guy on Christmas Day 9 years ago. What a journey it's been. Hoping and praying for 99 more Christmases together. Or something like that.


starnes family said...

I love your merry little Christmas and your littlest Webster. Beautiful pictures, as always!

Allison's Alley said...

Your children are adorable! Cutest lil' fam jam!!