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Disney Day 4- Magic Kingdom Take 2

Y'all still with me? I'm sure it's not very interesting to read about someone else's vacation (unless you are my parents or my awesome friend, Jessie) so thanks for hanging in there. My normal blog posts will resume shortly. I want to get all of this down for my kids to look back on one day.

Day 4 we decided to head back to the Magic Kingdom and do the things we hadn't done on Tuesday. And yes, there was plenty we hadn't done and there is still plenty that we never got to. But we went  straight to Mickey's new home where he meets the guests. Since they redid the park, Mickey is no longer back in Mickey's Toontown Fair. You now meet him right when you enter the park in the Town Square Theatre. So convienent to have him waiting there immediately when you enter the park for the day. You can also get a fast pass to meet him which is just brilliant.
 There is nothing better than having your picture taken with Mickey Mouse.
 Turns me into a little kid every time.
You can try to have an agenda in Disney World but it is very hard to stick to it when you are trying to go down main street and there is a show going on! Try to resist stopping and watching. You just can't. it's just too much fun. Love the Main Street Singers.

And they love Lainey, of course. Who doesn't?
Okay, this was seriously one of my favorite moments from the whole trip. We were crossing the bridge into Adventure Land when we saw Peter Pan playing with some kids. He started calling kids to join him and he started singing, "We're Following the Leader" with kids marching behind him. Oh my goodness! I loved this!
Riding Aladin's magical carpets with B and W. It's a whole lot like Dumbo to me, but don't you dare let the kids hear you say that. Oh, no! They are way different.
This was a sweet moment we happened to capture. Sometimes after rides the kids would run over to check on Lainey and make sure that she was okay and they wanted to know if she missed them while they were on the ride. I don't think she did, but I could be wrong.
 Hooray for Rapunzel! Bennett had to tell her that she had worn her dress when she had breakfast with Cinderella.
Sleeping Beauty again. That wacky Princess Aurora was everywhere, I tell ya.
And we got to see Cinderella again! Bonus!
Okay, so this may be my favorite picture from the whole trip. I posted one a few posts ago of Lainey squealing in delight when she saw Cinderella at her castle. This was Lainey's face when she saw Cinderella this time. Oh my word. This picture kills me.
And this was her squealing in delight as Cinderella was holding her. Even Cindy couldn't look at the camera at the end. She was too distracted by the ecstatic baby in her lap.
More Disney snacks. If anyone reads this post and thinks they want to buy one of these Pluto shaped cookies for their kid, don't do it!!! That black icing got everywhere and was the bane of our existence for about half an hour there. There are plenty of other cookies to choose from and I would encourage you to do just that.
Hey, look! Another parade! Well, whadayaknow?

Even Mommies need treats too. No shame in that game.
We spent the next part of our day riding rides in Frontierland and Adventureland. We rode the one ride that scared Lainey, Pirates of the Caribbean. She decided that the darkness and the loud canon booms were not for her. I held her so tightly but she had the strongest grip ever on my arm. Poor little thing. But the older kids loved it. Here they are pretending to be scary pirates after the ride. Didn't work out so well for them.
Will found a Jake wig. Thankfully we talked him out of buying it, but he sure looked cute trying it on.
 And here is a clip from Rob's favorite ride, Jungle Cruise. The humor suits him well.

As we were heading to the back of the park we ran into that parade again! It followed us everywhere. But this time we parked our strollers and got up and boogied with the characters. One of my favorite memories from the trip. I had a blast dancing with Baloo the Bear.

Then it was back to ride Goofy's Barnstormer again. Hands down their favorite ride. I rode it with them last time so this time Rob got to do the honors. I don't know if you can see close enough or not, but Bennett was so scared of this ride. Even though she wanted to go on it again, it was with much trepidation.
Holding on for dear life.
 Some shots of the new Storybook Circus area. So cool!
Mad Hatter's Tea Party ride! Rob gladly stayed with Lainey for this one. How did I get stuck with all the spin rides?
How we were all feeling by this point in the day.
We headed over to Tomorrow Land. Our first time to make it to this section of the park. We rode this people mover ride which was pretty cool. I had never ridden this one in all of my times to the Magic Kingdom. It gave you great views of the park and even took you through the Space Mountain ride.
We went on the other Toy Story ride and then to the Monsters Inc Laugh Factory show. Two of my favorite things to do and then we were pretty beat so we decided to head out of the park and go on a fun monorail ride. Will had been asking to ride the monorail all week, so we thought this would be a good time to give it a go. One last beautiful shot before we headed out.
We took this video of the monorail as it went through Epcot. Will was so excited.

The best part of this night was having no plan whatsoever. We intentionally kept our trip that way and some of our best moments happened spontaneously. We decided just to get off the monorail at the Polynesian Resort. There happened to be a boat leaving for the Grand Floridian. So we just decided to hop on it.
 View of the castle from The Grand Floridian.
So we took the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom and were about to get on a bus back to our hotel when we thought.... nah.... let's go ride another ride.
Whoo-Hoo! We're back! We hopped on the train and rode it back to Fantasyland to ride It's a Small World again.
We watched the parade on our way out and saw the fireworks again as we were on the bus. Another wonderful and magical day.

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