Monday, March 4, 2013

Disney Day 3- Hollywood Studios

 On Day 3 we decided to head over to Hollywood Studios to check out what was happening and find some cool shows. We slept in a bit due to our late night on Tuesday and really didn't have any type of agenda this day. We just walked around and took our time. 

When we first got to the park we spotted Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. This cartoon is what caused Bennett to want her pirate birthday party so we were very excited to see Jake!
 We decided not to wait 70 minutes to meet Woody and Buzz Lightyear. The line was seriously that long. We met them on our last trip and the kids were starting to get over characters by this point. But we did meet the Green Army Man outside. Throwing a Toy Story bone to the kids who didn't want to wait in line, I suppose.
Then we went inside to watch Disney Junior Live. It was awesome! I used to go to this show when my nieces were little but not having any kids of my own, I never knew any of the music. Boy how that has changed. Now I could sing along to every word from the show.
 Just a small glimpse from the show. Pardon my shaky camera work. I got kind of excited about the gold doubloons.

 We then saw another parade coming down the street. Of course we did. It's Disney. There are parades every hour it seems. Will and Bennett got to get up and dance in this one.
 Shake it shake it, kids!
 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playground. Otherwise known as the coolest playground ever!

 My awesome little travel companions taking a break on the playground.
 Lainey wasn't so sure about the massive ant she was riding. Will didn't mind it one bit.
 Beauty and the Beast live show. Rob and I were talking about how any one thing we did at Disney would be a HUGE treat if it was in your city. And at Disney World, it is just another thing you did that hour.
 Am I too old to audition? Probably.
Indiana Jones stunt show!
 Otherwise known as the show that made my son do this. He didn't like the fire or the explosions. He was extremely worried about Indy's safety.
Next up- the new Toy Story ride.  I had never been on this before. It was there the last time I was at Hollywood Studios but the line was too long so we made sure to get fast passes this time. It was fantastic!
 Even Lainey enjoyed it.
 I got the highest score of the family. But who's counting?
 Future space ranger!
 Mouse shaped ice cream for today's treat. You can't come to Disney and not have one of these. It should be in the rule book or something.
Hollywood Studios rocks! As do Will's legs. We called him sticker pants the rest of the day.

 Since we left the park a bit early we decided to take a boat from our resort to the other Port Orleans resort for dinner. We went over the French Quarter section. This is a view from our boat as we passed another horse and carriage ride. So picturesque.
 Lainey loved looking out at the water. Has there ever been a sweeter baby?
French quarter, baby! Complete with alligators playing jazz.
And back home to get a good night's sleep.
Pulling up to our resort.
Good night, peeps! Busy day back at the Magic Kingdom tomorrow.

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starnes family said...

Highest score - awesome.

I LOVE that you took Lainey. Kudos. We always travel with all of our kids and it's not a common thing. But, I love it!